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   Gunocologist, Inc. offers complete professional licensed full service gunsmithing. Gunocologist, Inc. Custom Gunsmithing is a family owned and operated business. We are an FFL Dealer and Manufacturer, as well as NFA - Class 3. Some of the services we offer are, Machining, Porting, Threading, Suppressors, Parts Fabrication, Trigger Jobs, Action Jobs, 1911 custom work for carry/competition, Hand Checkering, Custom AR-15 builds, Saiga Conversions, DURACOAT finishing, including custom camo, Hi Polished finishing, Titanium Nitrate finishing, etc, Custom guns built to your needs and to your physical characteristics. Repairs and Restoration of older or new guns, Appraisals, Consignment Sales, New Gun Sales, FFL transfers, Stock Work, Recoil Pads ground to fit, Sight Work, Scope Mounting & Accurizing, Reliability, Full Function & Safety Checkups, Detail Cleaning Services, Build your Dream Gun, or just about anything you can imagine! Soon to come we will have Classes on different Gunsmithing aspects, Concealed Permits, Shooting Techniques, and much more.
   We have been in business for 10 years and counting, with over 20 years experience. A graduate of the Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing School in 1994 working on a National Level with Competition Shooters, Law Enforcement, Firearms Trainers, Civilian Marksmen and Self Defense/Concealed Carry.
   You may mail us any work if you are out of state.


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