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 Fantastic instructor, 05-01-2013 04:45AM

By: Gun girl 25

I have taken both the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class off of this individual, as well as the NRA Basic Pistol Course. I stumbled across this today before work, as I was looking for his number. I hope to contact him to take another class off of him. In my experience, the classes that he teaches are fantastic. I learned more about firearms, and PA firearms law in the twelve hours I spent in his classes than I had in 15 years as a firearms enthusiast prior to seeking professional instruction. He was incredibly kind, patient and knowledgable.

There was a man in the Utah CFP class that I took, whom Kyle was forced to make leave, as the man was being incredibly disruptive and pushy with the other students. I have to wonder if the reviewer above is not that man. Do not hesitate to seek instruction from Kyle.

I will be letting him know about this when I reach him later today, perhaps he will respond to the individual above.