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 Best of the Best, 12-19-2017 04:16PM

By: HomeLand Investigations

“Before I give my testimonial about the CCW Course, I want to tell you a little about me. My name is Gene Franques and I am with HomeLand Investigations of Laplace, Louisiana. I am a firearms expert, experienced instructor and have prior Military and Law Enforcement experience. I was Captain of the Pistol Team and was one of America’s top Shooters in Police Pistol Combat.
With that said, I decided to apply for my CCW Permit and attended the required class put on by GunSmartNOLA, instructed by Mark Shreve. I can tell you that Mark ranks as one of the best instructors that I have ever experienced. His instructions were clear, easy to understand and the class was not boring or dull. Mark knows his material and combines the required information with his many years of experience in Law Enforcement and Security. Each member of the class was treated with respect and compassion, no matter if you were highly experienced or a beginner who has never shot a weapon prior to the class. Mark is a real people person that makes you feel comfortable with your questions.

I give Mark Shreve my Highest Recommendation to anyone who wants to take the class, and can assure you that you will finish the class feeling confident that you have the knowledge and ability to carry your permit.

Thank you Mr. Shreve for sharing your heart and soul with a room full of grateful students.”

– Gene Franques – La Place, La