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 Very capable instructor. Time well spent., 02-04-2019 12:39PM

By: William

Dave Newman is that rare concealed carry instructor that puts on an in-depth, yet very enjoyable class. I have CCW permits in Utah, Florida and Arizona. David taught the class mandated by the State of Louisiana. Since I've recently moved to NOLA, I need to get licensed in Louisiana.

Having invested in and completed many weeks of firearms training at places like Gunsite Academy, I went into David's class thinking I was just there for the sign-off. It turns out I was wrong. i actually learned a great deal.

I've frankly not had much luck with NRA CCW instructors. I've received instruction from two of them who were just plain horrible. Dave Newman broke that stereotype for me. I'd highly recommend taking a handgun class from him. You'll leave a better, safer shooter.