Mark Jacobson

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NRA and MCOLES certified firearms instructor. Certified to teach the NRA Personal Protection in the Home, Basic Pistol, and Range Safety Officer. I am a factory certified Glock armorer and a factory certified SABRE chemical spray instructor. I have been teaching the CPL classes since 2002. I started as a firearms instructor in the Army Military Police Corps., in 1982 and serve today as a Police firearms instructor at the third largest Sheriff Department in the state of Michigan.

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 Professional Instructor Great Range Great People, 09-22-2013 01:45AM

By: Gen430sf

Best instruction in the Grand Rapids area, it's a safe, fun environment. Not much more I can say that hasn't already been said, other than I was in a class of about 20. It was professional, fun, informative, safe, and fun. The guy knows his business, it may seem like he talks a lot if you're one of those know it all types with boarder line personality disorder. Even though I know firearms, he has more knowledge in his trigger ginger than I've learned in the last year, go into his classes like a sponge and LISTEN!!! If you do know everything pass your instructors test and teach yourself. His classes are planned and methodical, just the way they should be, PERIOD!!!!!

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 Safe, Knowledgable, Fun, Best Instruction, 09-22-2013 01:02AM


I've been to several different trading classes, everything from basic pistol, to tactical training. By far Mark Jacobson is not only the most knowledgable instructor I've had the pleasure if meeting, he's an FFL too, a Glock and M&P Armorer, simply said he knows his stuff, backed up not only by military trading, but he's been a police officer for over 30 years. He currently instructs the people that protect our community everyday. He is very strict about safety however he puts on fun classes, incorporates many awesome scenarios in his classes. He even has a kill house that he runs his tactical class students during his tactical class. Good luck trying to find a guy this dedicated to your success and growth. The person with the negative review, all I can say is what parallel universe did you take his class in. This man knows what he's doing period!!!
No one will give you the experience you'll find here, when you're tired if the cattle call BS call Mark and get the personal attention you deserve for your hard earned money.

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 Hands Down Best Instruction Period, 09-22-2013 12:05AM

By: ojyllek

Wow, I've read the reviews here because I've take the CPL class with this instructor. First let me say that being a woman and not having much experience with guns I was concerned how I would be treated. I was treated the same as all the other students. The classroom time was very informational, we focused on safety, proper grip technique, reloading, suggested research videos, and books to read about the different information that's available. Mark was very serious about safety, but made it fun. We had a large class which initially made me wonder if I would get quality instruction when we went out to qualify on the range. I got all of the attention I needed but I also got some freedom to work through the maneuvers along with the others in my shooting group. The only reason I chose this instructors course was because my husband took his CPL class and several other classes with Mark, and he loves it. It took my hubby awhile to convince me to even get a gun, but I now have one and we spend quality time on the range. I would highly recommend this class, and highly recommend Mark. He was in the service, and I also think he instructs police officers. I did take an hour and a half private session with him and I learned so much, after that class I'm a much better shot, and I'm comfortable, and confident carrying my Glock. He knows a lot about guns. I'm sure my hubby will get me in to a tactical class soon, don't tell him but I look forward to it. To the person that wrote such a horrible review, I don't know who you actually had instructing your class, but my suspicion is you work for a different club, or do your own classes. Even though my husband raves about him, I did my homework on Mark Jacobson, and his reviews by the locals is phenomenal, and after taking class I understand my hubby's excitement to do more training with Mark. So I don't understand such a slanderous review. I hope this was helpful. All I can say is you owe it to yourself, your safety, and the safety if your family to train with the best. Regardless of the crazy review, I will not take instruction anywhere else. Going with anyone else would be a waste of money. The bad review is most likely a competitor trying to slander this man, just a tip to that person, instead if the low blows, do the work and maybe you'll be as good, and that's not a very ethical way to get your business off the ground. I mean really, nothing you said happened in my class.