McCarthy Arms, LLC

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McCarthy Arms is a one-man gunsmithing shop in Alto Michigan near Lowell and Grand Rapids.  An "Old School" gunsmith offering firearm customization and repair.  Specializing in late 19th and early 20th century arms, particularly the C-96 Mauser (Broomhandle) and all makes of the Pistole Parabellum (Luger).  The firms motto "Semper Certus, Semper Decorus" (Always Reliable, Always Beautiful) is the benchmark for all projects. Out-of-state firearm transfer services are gladly provided.

Studies under the tutelage of multiple Master Gunsmiths has instilled a deep belief in the "design, function and repair" philosophy of gunsmithing.  You must know the design and understand the function of each part in order to make firearms perform reliably as designed or better.

While normal business hours are posted, it is best to e-mail or call to setup an appointment.  Being a one-man operation it is difficult to be available all day.

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