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North Georgia Firearms Training™

We provide a comfortable, low pressure learning environment which progresses to the next step only when you are ready. The  NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course is designed to familiarize the student with proper gun safety and handling procedures and is the belt place to start.

North Georgia Firearms Training believes that every member of the family needs to understand gun safety regardless of whether or not they will ever own a firearm.

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 Great Experience!, 12-06-2013 06:48PM

By: dforlie

I have never owned a gun and have only experienced shooting once before. I felt very fearful of guns. I wanted a gun for my own personal protection. Dennis and North Georgia Firearms Training got me over that fear. I learned a great deal about guns, gun safety and the law. I feel that this course should be a prerequisite for anyone considering owning or operating a firearm. I felt so good about what I had learned that I purchased my first gun at the end of the class. Thank you for the great experience!

Steve B.

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