OnSight Firearms Training

OnSight Firearms Training
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Train in a Group settingLearn new skills, refine known skills, work your fundamentals in a group environment with professional instructors. With a focus on defensive shooting skill set, we provide a variety of class levels and platforms to challenge and inform students and the decisions they make in the context of self defense.A More Focused ApproachWhether you’re looking for guidance during that first trip to the range, or you’re looking shrink the size of your groupings, we will be happy to work with you one-on-one. We also are happy to accommodate small or medium-sized private groups.State-required Classroom CoursesOnSight Firearms training is currently offering Pistol Permit courses and application assistance for the following states:New York ■ Connecticut ■ Utah ■ Arizona ■ New Hampshire ■ Maine ■ Florida ■ Rhode Island ■ Massachusetts ■ Virginia

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