Response Ability Firearms Training, LLC

Response Ability Firearms Training, LLC
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Over 20 years of firearms instruction experience.
Offering Basic and Instructor Level NRA Classes, as well as other courses for competative and tactical shooting and gun safety. Private and small group instruction available for handgun, rifle and shotgun from beginner to advanced.
Massachusetts approved instructor.

NRA Courses for Basic and Instructor:
Home Firearms Safety
Personal Protection in the Home
Personal Protection outside the Home
Range Safety Officer & Chief RSO

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 Great classes and woman friendly, 04-02-2012 09:24AM

By: 9mmglockgurl

I've been carying a gun for about 5 years. I mostly carried it in my purse and really didn't think about it. I thought just having it would be enough of a deterrent to criminals. I didn't really think about using it. Once I gave it some thought I decided to take a class to learn to use it. I went to the place in Exeter, and the range in Manchester (don't know if I'm allowed to use names, but if you're from here you know what I mean). Very expensive, and I couldn't afford private lessons. I checked the internet and found USA Carry, then found Response Ability and figured I'd try it. I'm glad I did. The instructors are equal to or better than the other places I've been, (took a class in Exeter and got brushed off in Manchester) and a lot friendlier. (the Manchester place was sort of dismissive when I said I was just looking for information about classes, might have been different if I actually signed up. I'll never know). I was worried when the price of the classes was so low. I figured you get what you pay for but I was wrong. The instructors are true professionals with a lot of real world experience and knew a lot about guns and shooting (the class I took was taught by two cops). Very friendly, and explained things in a way that I could understand. My shooting has improved a lot, and I have a better understanding of how serious business it is to carry and use a gun. If you're thinking about going to Exeter or Manchester, save youself some money and try this first. Just as good and at least half the cost. And I don't carry my gun in my purse anymore.