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 Birthday Fun, 03-28-2014 08:01PM

By: Kiley Campbell

My daughter declared she wanted to "go shooting" for her 15th birthday. An out of the ordinary gift, but we honored it. We contacted Shepard Humphries, owner of Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and made a date. When we arrived, Shep greeted us with his jovial self and made us feel at ease. First things first, a safety lesson for all involved which was done in a way that built confidence in my daughter, showing her the safest way to handle a fire arm and take precaution at the range. After the safety lesson, Shep began his easy to understand method of explaining the nomenclature of the firearms, best targeting practices, etc. Then, the shooting! With her confidence built up, my daughter took to the range and targeting as if she had done this before. She was able to shoot several firearms and became a better shot with each one which further built up her confidence. By the end of the date, my daughter was shooting under timed pressure and exceeding my expectations. Once finished, my daughter exclaimed she had the time of her life.

Shep is one of the best instructors I've ever had the chance to meet. The way he takes a novice shooter, builds their confidence with knowledge and practice and then submits them to shooting under pressure is fascinating to watch. My daughter left with a new sense of personal confidence that, at age 15, is hard to accomplish.

Thank you Shep!!