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Trace Armory Group
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Goal of training:

This event will focus on implementing the concept of Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy (A.O.J.) to historical self-defense situations. Each student will be the assaulter and defender many times in different situations. By your participation during our force on force scenarios you will learn how to problem solve situations and learn how to deescalate or enact proper self-defense techniques to stop the threat within North Carolina HOUSE BILL 650.
One of the biggest aspects talked about but is not normally handled is the aftermath. During this event we will have a GRNC Lawyer Referral Service approved attorney onsite for a presentation and Q-A. Also will have local law enforcement Officers onsite for interviews after your participation during a force on force scenario. To introduce you to the type of questioning you might face.
This event will be airsoft only! No live fire means no extra ammunition costs and no other fees
$750 two day, two night event payment is for:
  • Friday Night May 15th meet and greet and overnight stay
  • Saturday May 16th all day & night training
  • Sunday May 17th all day training until 2:30pm
  • You take home: 1 Airsoft pistol, 2 magazines,  1 can of green gas, 2000rnds of ammunition 1x OWB Kydex pistol holster, 1x OWB magazine Kydex pouch
$525 one day payment is for May 16th only
Event timeline:
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