Train To Aim

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Train to Aim is a MD training academy that provides handgun training and permits, security guard certification, private detective training, and more.

Maryland Wear and Carry Permits

We provide the training required by Maryland State Law to get you your permit along with the assistance you need for filling out the application.

Maryland HQL (Handgun Qualification License)

Security Guard Certification

Train To Aim will provide you with Security Guard Certification in the state of Maryland, with or without a handgun carry permit. If you have already completed your security guard certification in the past but it has expired or will expire soon, we also offer re-certification and renewal services. Call us at 410-674-7900 to get started today!

Private Detective Academy

Our 40-hour Private Investigator training course covers surveillance, data mining, cameras, drones and more. Our instructors include lawyers, former police, FBI and DEA specialists with over 30 years of experience. Private Investigator license and certification with Maryland State Police will be filed for during the course in addition to a handgun permit if requested. A one-time nonrefundable down payment will guarantee your enrollment for two classes within sixty days (in the event you require a make-up day). Call us at 410.674.7900 to sign up today. 

Handcuff, Baton, and OC Spray Certification

First Aid/CPR/AED Course

2x2 Photo Printing for Applications

Call (410) 674-7900 For More Information or to Signup For a Class Today!

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