Utah CCW Carry

Utah CCW Carry
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Utah CCW Classes include all required material such as fingerprints, photos, paperwork and delivery to BCI. Our courses are presented by NRA and Utah BCI certified instructors. This is a professional level permit course where we make the learning process enjoyable for all. We promote a thought-provoking environment that will prepare you for real world situations as they arise.  Just as important, we do not promote our opinion or political views.



  • Fingerprinting
  • Passport Photo
  • Hand Delivery of your application
  • No Live Fire Exercise Required


  1. Register and pay to reserve your seat in the course.  
  2. Complete the online application & fingerprint form.
  3. Bring your Utah Drivers License or ID (paper version acceptable) and any other applicable documents with you. Residency will be determined by your state-issued identification.
  4. Upon arrival, we will have your paperwork completed for you and all you need to do is sign. We will then take your photo, fingerprints and prepare your paperwork for delivery to BCI.
  5. Enjoy a comfortable learning environment.
  6. Utah courses do not require live fire exercises so no firearm is required for the course.  We focus on the laws so you know what to do before you are forced to pull the trigger.
Utah’s CFP permit can not lawfully be obtained through an online course. It must be taught in person.  If you are offered such a course, it will not meet the requirements to obtain a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit!

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