Is It Ever OK to Shoot Someone in the Back?

Is It Ever OK to Shoot Someone in the Back?

Is It Ever OK to Shoot Someone in the Back?

By Brandon – Republished with Permission from Concealed Nation

Is it ever OK to shoot someone in the back? That’s what Kevin Michalowski discusses in a little more depth than most people think about when dealing with this question.

If the only option you have to stop a deadly threat is to shoot someone in the back, do it. But be ready to explain exactly why it was the only thing you could do under those circumstance to stop an imminent deadly threat. As with any use of deadly force, you need to be 100 percent certain of your actions. If the only course of action is to shoot someone from behind then you need to take that action to stop the threat.

This is really one of those tell-it-like-it-is videos. Do you agree?

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Lynn Kramer

If a perpetrator is attacking or threatening to harm my wife or child (say in a Target Store) I will kill him where he stands period. This is not Hollywood. Real life can get complicated, but don’t over think things lest you become confused or dead instead of winning the fight. Cheat if you have to, do ANYTHING TO WIN.

Kenneth Aaron

And as He said. Don’t get shot. It hurts like H E double hockey sticks


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The Supreme Court ruled decades ago that you may shoot a fleeing felon if he is a “clear and present danger” to those he would immediately come in contact with.


He keeps repeating “100 percent sure”. That’s impossible. If I’m behind a man pointing a gun at a room full of children, I can’t be 100 percent sure that it isn’t some youtube stunt with hidden cameras, or as actually happened a few years ago, a bank manager hiring actors to train his employees in dealing with a robbery, without letting anyone know in advance! 99 percent? Certainly. But it’s always a judgment call, and you can only hope that a jury will consider what you knew at the time that you pulled the trigger and agree that your actions were justified.


Sorry, but if I see a guy holding a gun on a room full of children . . . I will take the shot. I’m not going to risk that some fruit loop won’t try to kill as many of them as he can before I stop him.

There’s actually a YT channel about dumb stunts that went wrong. In one, a guy is dressed in a really creepy clown costume and carrying an ax, and he accosts people walking in a park at night. Predictably, most scream and try to run away until he tries it on a guy carrying a gun. The guy draws down on him and the prankster falls to his knees blubbering that it’s only a prank. Total stupidity and he was lucky the guy didn’t shoot him.

Anyone who does this sort of thing in today’s environment is just plain stupid.


And that’s why I train, train, train…

Kenneth Aaron



This is a point that just irritates me to no end on the TV cop shows. The criminal comes muzzle to muzzle with the cop, and the cop breaks into negotiations with a phrase like, “You don’t want to do this, put the gun down!” It is like the cop will have the ability to assess exactly when the bad guy is going to pull the trigger and THEN the cop will shoot first and survive!!! Even worse is the bad guy with a gun to the head of a hostage and the cop is going to talk him out of it. Even Han Solo knew to shoot first!

The life of an innocent hostage cannot be sacrificed to prevent the death of the bad guy! In real life when you come muzzle to muzzle with the bad guy, your finger needs to be already contracting on the trigger. If the bad guy had the moral reservation to pull the trigger that you do, in such a situation, he wouldn’t be doing armed stick-ups!

As for the gun-to-the-hostage’s-head scenario, any delay in firing should be only to bring the sights to alignment on the head of the bad guy as you smoothly squeeze the trigger. Situation over, hostage saved!

Jenny Everywhere

“You don’t want to do this…”

“Wrong.” BANG.

Roll credits.

Kenneth Aaron

I concur 200%


another great video with great info. and what it really comes down to is really be aware of your surroundings and knowing if you could really stop the threat by using your gun.


I like your profile picture.


Thank you. It is a patch that my late father got when he went to Israel to volunteer for three weeks. He was not into patches. And he gave it to me. for years I had it on a jean jacket. But now I have it on a shirt that I have and use in the winter for a uniform that I made for when I volunteer at my gun club. And I have a lot of people ask me where I got it.


Very cool. Would love to have one like it.

I have made trips into Israel and the West Bank, and I make no apologies for being a supporter of Israel.


“But be ready to explain…”

Except don’t. Statements to investigators should only be made after retaining and discussion of responses with your legal representation. If you start ‘explaining’ at the scene, you will lose.