My 3 Favorite Tactical Flashlights

My 3 Favorite Tactical Flashlights
My 3 Favorite Tactical Flashlights

Last week I was in Tennessee. I didn’t have a car and the only restaurant close to me was McDonald’s. At night, I kept telling myself I was going to call a cab, but let’s just say I ate a lot of McDonald’s and never want to go there again.

My 3 Favorite Tactical Flashlights
My 3 Favorite Tactical Flashlights

While I was walking to McDonald’s at night I was of course carrying (my Glock 19) and since it was dark I also had a flashlight with me. I admit that I don’t always carry a flashlight in my pocket during the day (it’s in my laptop bag) but when I go out at night I always have one in my pocket.

The flashlight that I carry these days is the Olight T-10.

It’s one of the smallest lights on the market and has 3 different settings so you can choose the brightness. The brightest setting produces 230 lumens. But what I really like about the light is how it easily fits in my pocket and doesn’t weigh much either.

The second light that I use is the SureFire G2X Tactical. This light sits right next to my gun safe in my bedroom. It’s not as small as the Olight, but I don’t carry it in my pocket so I don’t care. This light produces slightly less lumens than the Olight, at 200. However, if you’ve ever shined one of these lights in your eyes then you know it’s more than blinding.

The third flashlight I have is the NexTorch TA1.

This is a relatively new flashlight but it appears solidly built and I haven’t had any problems with it. This flashlight “only” has 60 lumens, but gives plenty of light, which is why I have no problem keeping it as a backup in my bedroom.

As far as prices go, the price for the Olight is $34, the SureFire is $73, and the NexTorch is $36. If I could have only one light, it would definitely be the Olight since it can do double duty as a pocket light and a light I can keep next to my safe at night. Plus, it isn’t expensive at all at just over $30, which means if you like to have plenty of lights around the house like I do, you can afford more than one of these.

In other words, if on the off chance you don’t have a flashlight to carry in your backpack or laptop bag… or one in your bedroom at night… you may want to check out the Olight, and from now on make sure you have a flashlight in your bedroom at night and one in your daily carry bag.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Have you ever heard of 4Sevens? The 4Sevens Mini 123 R5 Edition is the best mini LED light available and has a 189 Out-the-front (OTF) lumens. It has Seven output modes: Low, Medium, High, Strobe, SOS, Beacon (hi), Beacon (lo) and only requires one lithium CR123A (3V). It’s also just bigger than my thumb which is perfect for holding when I have a handgun in point.

The Surefire Z2-S is a far superior tactical light compared to the G2X – the G2x is featured on a lot of bullshit blogs that I believe Jason finds most of his info. The Surefire Z2x is an even better option than what he has suggested and can also mount easily to an M-4.

“The third flashlight I have” is MAGLITE RE1019 Heavy-Duty Rechargeable Flashlight System. It is auto and home rechargable. Since it’s a Mag it is also a self defense tool. Read, “Defense Tactics” by John G. Peters, Jr.? You should. You and everyone else here will learn defensive tactics with a Maglite.

The fourth of ten light sources I have is the Coleman Led Rechargeable Lantern. It’s an excellent light source during a black out and the “Emergency on” setting automatically lights the lantern during power failure.

I also have two Coleman Powerhouse 285 Dual Fuel 2 mantle lanterns for when the issue of life and power are actually a real issue.

If you do not already have them go to AutoZone and buy a pack of flares for your car/truck. They will save you in many ways in an emergency and leave them in your vehicle not your house.

Jason. Get some experience and do some research. Your posts are hurting more than helping here and I think your motivation is ego more than advocacy.

Keane Matthews

I like and carry the SureFire G2X but folks should be careful to select the NON-Pro version since you can easily get caught in the wrong brightness in a moment of panic if you click the button too many times. The SureFire G2X works great on MY black rifle, using the offset light mount from Viking Tactics.

I also like and carry a Fenix PD31. The barrel is slightly smaller in diameter than the G2X, but it still uses the same CR123A batteries as the G2X. These batteries are much better than AA cells for long term storage, with a 10 year shelf life.

Linda W. Morrow

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For those on a budget, Costco and Sam’s (sometimes) sells a 3 pack of super bright little pocket lights of excellent quality for about $12…Yup Three of the temporary blindness causing buggers, for twelve dollars. Third push of the end cap button is a strobe that will cause a retina to start oscillating (wife informed me). I have them all over the place, car, motor coach, house. Only problem is they draw power as they are idle. Not much, but it eventually takes out the batteries (3 AAA’s) over time. A red glowing cap alerts you to a set of weak batteries. If stowed, I keep the end cap loose until I put it in my pocket…or whatever you prefer to do. BTW batteries of excellent quality alkaline are available at Dollar Tree, Four for a dollar.

Also the tough little Tactical style lights are equipped with the nasty front cap that can inflict some serious damage to an unwanted advance. They light up a street for a full block that makes every reflector on cars, street signs, etc, glow like an apocalypse scene. Cat’s and animals eyes in the distance are bright and beady, to ‘enhance’ the night. Red LED’s do the same with the animals (can not see red, one of natures flukes) not realizing they are being illuminated. They freeze, assuming that you can not see them. Fun for night patrols in the wild animal infested forests, campgrounds, parks, marinas. BTW a wild Cougar’s glowing eyes look exactly like a Deer’s. Surprised me…to say the least.


My tactical light is a mag-lite XL50. It is not real expensive and uses 3-AAA batteries. I am uncertain how well I like it as it seems to use up the batteries fairly quickly. I may need to try another brand. It has two brightness settings and one strobe setting. It is rated for 104 lumens. I paid a little over $27 for it. This would be an option for someone who wants a tactical light on a budget.


I have a Streamlight TL2-X, Streamlight Super Tac-X, and a County Comm Maratac AA Rev 2. Before I hear “they aren’t rechargeable”. No they aren’t but if the power is out what good is a rechargeable flashlight. Both Streamlights are 200 lumens and the AA is 125 lumens. I also have a Streamlight Pro Tac HL that puts out 600 lumens that my son has confiscated. I can store batteries without setting up a solar system to charge my lights.

Shaolo Gear

Fenix PD22. Hands down.