The Ferguson, MO Survival Kit

The Ferguson, MO Survival Kit
The Ferguson, MO Survival Kit
The Ferguson, MO Survival Kit
The Ferguson, MO Survival Kit

It’s been about a week since Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted in the death of Michael Brown.

And over the past week, we’ve learned 3 important things…

1. A significant number of Americans don’t care about the truth and will destroy businesses and harm others if they don’t get what they want. Anyone who read the transcripts could clearly see that Officer Wilson acted appropriately and that anyone in his position would have acted in the same manner. One of the best quotes I read about the situation was,

“Justice was served today by the facts and not by emotion.”

It’s a shame so many Americans don’t care about the truth and what’s right versus wrong. And, that so many celebrities and athletes (who younger children look up to) have made so many remarkably stupid comments that showed they obviously didn’t read any of the facts about the case.

2. This same group of Americans don’t care about taking personal responsibility for their lives or their personal choices and will blame others for their own actions whenever they can.

3. Ferguson is a scary example of what could happen on a much larger scale if things don’t go people’s way. Just imagine a large scale event, such as the dollar collapsing… especially while Obama’s still in office. (Side note: Since Obama became president our national debt has soared by 66% and there’s been a 70% increase in the number of people on food stamps).

Imagine Obama blaming Republicans, CEOs, and anyone else he could for the dollar collapsing and encouraging the millions of Americans who voted for him to do the same.

The bottom line is, Ferguson has shown us how easily Obama and the liberal media could manipulate a group of people and how this group will act totally irrationally and harm others since they don’t care about the truth.

And, this is why it’s critical for those who value integrity, right from wrong, and personal responsibility to take this reminder to heart and to be prepared and keep ourselves alive so that we are able to stand up for what is right.

In order to do that, I’ve listed just a few things you may want to consider for when the next “Ferguson” occurs, which could easily be in your hometown.

– A minimum of 30 days of food and water. Don’t forget water filters too (my favorite is the Sawyer PointONE.) You don’t want to starve to death if your town gets so bad that it’s not safe to leave your house.

– At least one AR-15 rifle (I like Colt and Rock River Arms.) It’s been reported that numerous businesses in Ferguson were protected by men standing in front of them slinging rifles. Don’t forget to take plenty of training too.

– 6 months of emergency savings. You may not be able to go to work, and if the financial system hasn’t imploded, you want to be able to ride out the storm with the money you’ve saved.

– Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. If you live in an area surrounded by liberals, think about what will happen in your location. If you live in an area surrounded by conservative Americans who value self-reliance, there will be more people to work with and a lot less chaos.

– Get a spotlight. I know this probably sounds random but during the night you want to be able to “light up” anyone you see near your home to make sure it’s not a group up to no good. For an inexpensive spotlight, check out the Rayovac Sportsman Spotlight.

– Get a full-size handgun. I know a lot of people own pocket pistols (I own several) but you also need a full-size handgun too, such as a Glock 17, Smith & Wesson M&P, 1911 or Sig Sauer P226. (If things are so bad you’re slinging a rifle on your front porch, you also want a full-size handgun on your hip.)

Of course, there are a million and one other items you could get, but the basics above will put you head and shoulders above others. So, if you don’t already have all of the supplies you need, I hope that Ferguson was a wake up call about how irrationally people can behave and how dangerous these mobs are.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Jason . . . I almost never post a rant on-line. Usually I enjoy and look forward to reading your comments and ideas. My disappointment with this article was palpable. I did read the transcripts and other materials provided after the terrible miscarriage of justice done by that “grand jury”. The fix was in from the beginning in order to protect a racist, violent police force.

Justice would have been served if an indictment had been the result, which is the case in 99.9% of ALL grand juries in this country in a year. The prosecutor was just a coward, and defending his multi-generational background in law enforcement.

It was a stunning abuse of the grand jury process to allow the potential defendant to provide ANY testimony! He should have had his chance at trial. Had he then been found not guilty, I would have been disappointed, but at least then justice would have been served. He has certainly NOT been found innocent . . . not by a long-shot. When (not if) he faces a civil trial for wrongful death, his days in law enforcement will be over. Heck, he’ll be lucky to get a job as mall cop.

With respect to your additional, obviously political and veiled racist comments about being prepared for a “Ferguson” . . . shame! The only thing you didn’t include in these “red-meat” comments was “BENGHAZI!”

Where was your outrage when those police were terrorizing peaceful protesters and the press? Where was your call to use OUR precious Second Amendment to protect Americans exercising the First Amendment? Where were the cowardly, opportunistic Oath Keepers? They had the balls to “stand-up” for that asshole Bundy, but couldn’t bring themselves to protect “those people” in Ferguson.

I know, NOW the Oathkeepers are in Ferguson “protecting” businesses from arson and looting. I’m cool with that. They SHOULD have been there in the beginning protecting people instead of buildings.


First ammendement rights do not cover burning down someones business…..


That what happens in a protest. American revolution, Boston tea party, every protest is not peaceful.


Sabre. I don’t believe you understand “Justice”.
First, the law regarding the grand jury states that a “potential defendant” can testify in front of the grand jury if he/she wants to. There’s no prohibition on that, there’s no compulsion. That’s just the way the grand jury works.
Second, the “witnesses” were so contradictory in their testimony of what happened that it would have been a horrible miscarriage of justice if the grand jury had chosen to prosecute Wilson. Some witnesses testified Wilson shot the kid in the back while running away, some testified the kid was shot “execution style” at point blank while kneeling with his hands up, some that he was shot with his hands up while approaching Wilson and attempting to surrender. The only consistent testimony was that of the witnesses who corroborated Wilson’s story.
If Brown’s family chooses to pursue wrongful death, and they probably will, I doubt the outcome will be much different.
Third, perhaps you should put yourself in the same situation (just as Wilson described it) and ask yourself what you would have done. Under identical circumstances, I doubt there are many people who would have done any differently.


There was no fix. The district attorney allowed a standing grand jury of 12 members, 9 white and 3 black, to hear and see ALL the evidence and this is how all grand juries should be done to prevent an innocent person from being indicted and costing that person and the taxpayers for a trial that should never be. They saw all of the forensic evidence, all 3 autopsies (including the one from Brown;s family), and hear evidence from witnesses including a number of black ones who supported Darren Wilson’s version. There were black ones who admitted they were not even there and did not see the event who testified under oath that they had and that Wilson had shot Brown in the back multiple times when three autopsies showed he wasn’t shot in the back even once. Is that what you’d like- lying blacks to be the only ones heard so to indict a man for what was merely performing his job and self-defense? As for protecting people, the police never terrorized the troublemakers but only tried to protect the community. It was black thugs who, in multiple cities, rioted and looted and destroyed property. They needed to be taken down like rabid dogs. They are the problem. The district attorney can handle a Grand Jury hearing any way he or she sees fit. This one chose to allow them access to all evidence. All 12 jurors agreed on their ruling. You’re just mad Darren Wilson didn’t get railroaded and in light of what happened all over the country, it is likely they’ll do this again. Let’s be ready.


“99.9% of ALL grand juries [indicted]” That alone tells us the evidence must have been overwhelmingly in the officers favor, and that’s exactly the conclusion most of us have come to.

This whole movement is so stupendously ludicrous at it’s foundation, which is to martyr a known criminal thug who’s own actions predicated his demise.
How much more must we give in order to live peacefully. Every opportunity to succeed is given to them, yet the majority refuse.
I, for one, can no longer sympathise or pity those who refuse to assimilate to our societies laws.


Night Breaker, you’re the best. – Overwatch


??? Care to clarify?


I’m sorry, I thought you might be a friend from another site. He’s a Marine and uses the 6541 number as a tag on his posts. Besides, I agreed with your comments as I usually do his. Sorry for any confusion , Marine. – Overwatch


Apology not necessary, just wasn’t sure of the intent. 6541 is the MOS for Marine Ordnance. As of yet, I haven’t come across a post from “Night Breaker”, but will keep an eye out for it. We may well have served together or in a similar field, and my curiosity is piqued.
Thanks for the reply.


It is so unfortunate that so many Americans have little respect, empathy, and mostly understanding for get heir fellow American. It stems from a lack of knowledge of American history and a lack of knowledge


Funny you think a kid who didn’t really have the criminal record the right said he had (see Snopes) is a thug… or that someone who is a large guy is somehow inherently dangerous.

Stealing cigars and/or resisting arrest is not a death penalty offense… regardless of whether the officer had an altercation with Michael or not when he was shot he was unarmed and had no knife or gun of any kind.

The officers of Fergusion are equipped with batons, pepper spray, and tasers any one of which could of been used to bring a non-lethal end to the situation.

The right…which claims to cherish life…shows once again that they do not… (unless its white and pregnant).


Maybe no adult record, he just turned 18. Large, small, black or white, assault and attempt to disarm a cop…you’ll end up in a box.

1] Cop wasn’t carrying taser. [In this case, lethal force required ]
2] Thug WAS armed at one point, with cops own gun.
3] Lethal force was absolutely justified.
4] Grand jury decision ends debate.


Sabre, “veiled racist comments”? Really? Explain to me your basis for believing if there was a Ferguson-type even where non-blacks were the major contributors of violence that Jason and others wouldn’t view it the same way.

The police terrorized protesters? Really? Shall we compare the number of Molotov cocktails each group threw at the other? Or the number of rocks? Or bullets?

You sure have a peculiar way of viewing reality.


“shall we compare the number of Molotov cocktails each group threw at the other?” Shall we compare the riot gear and military style equipment the police were using to what the protesters had?


I doubt if you ever read Jason’s column on a regular basis. Your analysis demonstrates you are a racist like Al Sharpton.

Park Ranger

Don’t feed the trolls… they can’t digest it…


“The fix was in from the beginning in order to protect a racist, violent police force.”

Nonsense. Michael Brown was a violent criminal who was killed after attacking an officer.

Then more violent criminals chose to riot and loot and destroy their own community.


This is excellent Jason. I am sharing it.

Jenna McCoy

Thank you for this! Looks like we need to do some shopping. I’m thankful that a majority of my neighbors are Catholic Hispanics. They do NOT suffer fools and their foolishness gladly, and we all know each other well enough to know we have each other’s back if it goes down. I thought at first it would be weird to be white people in a majority hispanic neighborhood (and we don’t speak spanish), but they are all AWESOME.

Sir TuberKopf

Note to self…. Buy a really huge fire extinguisher. The ones Ferguson had weren’t big enough!


“several of which I now have doing a bit of prepping” The only prepping we are doing is to protect ourselves when you rightie nutjobs go off the handle. It should result in at most a two week disruption… as you will soon be crushed as all nutbags eventually are.

Don Carpenter

I assume the full sized pistol suggestion is for capacity reasons, which rules out the 1911. I like the list, but I would change that suggestion to just “pistol that holds 15 or more rounds”.


It is very unfortunate that so many Americans lack sympathy, empathy, and most importantly knowledge. This article sums up the thoughts of many of Americans short memory The racial undertones of this article and the white privilege ideals of the comments proves a very crucial lack of understanding of Americas history. America was built on fighting tyranny and protest. Burning looting killing is part of protest. When a group of people are systematically mistreated, abused, marginalized, and discriminated against Ferguson is an example of what happens. Instead of grabbing guns figure out ways to make this country better. I love guns to but stereotyping and blaming people of color for their own problems is ludacris. It is America problem. You can coward up in a barricade with guns and water to last for years or get out and fight for a better America for future generations. History favors those who stand up and fight for justice. Any coward can rant about liberals, blacks, etc.


” note: Since Obama became president our national debt has soared by 66%
and there’s been a 70% increase in the number of people on food stamps).” Really? The debt only equals one year of our GDP.. hardly a disaster. You do realize in your Fox news addled mind that the great recession started on Bushies watch right?

It’s amusing how the right keeps predicting the end of the world through all the little captive advertising sites like moneymap press. The stock market is right now 10 THOUSAND points higher than it was when Bush left office. This is no coincidence…corporations are making money hand over foot. The economy grew 5%… nutbags like this guy think its all somehow an illusion.

Sorry the money in my bank and stock market accounts is not an illusion… it’s been growing with most investments up over 100% since Bush left office. Be as paranoid as you want… but people have been predicting the end for over two thousands years (and more).

Know what…. we’re still here…

Timothy Reid

I would like to add my two cents in on this, and that is about all it’s worth. We all know that what happened in Ferguson is a touchy subject. I think a different example could have been used. I agree with prepping to be ready for anything.

Lewis Osborn

It’s not a touchy subject – there are a lot of touchy people, just looking for an excuse to whine and demand. Ferguson is an EXCELLENT example of what we can expect under a rec-baiting, divisive administration. In fact, he may have meant this for a dry run, and we should certainly view it as such.