Florida Cab Driver Shoots Would-be Killer

Florida Cab Driver Shoots Would-be Killer
Florida Cab Driver Shoots Would-be Killer
Florida Cab Driver Shoots Would-be Killer
Florida Cab Driver Shoots Would-be Killer

A Titusville, FL Global Cab driver was dropping off a fare around 2 am on May 23, 2012 when he got quite a surprise–a gunshot wound in the back of the head with a small caliber handgun.  He survived the head wound and returned fire with his glock, killing the would-be murderer.  The driver then managed to call 911 and get help.

The shooter, Brooks, has prior convictions of petit theft, contributing to the delinquency of dependency of a minor and resisting arrest without violence.  He was serving a two-year probation term stemming from a Brevard County grand theft auto case, according to the Florida Department of Corrections

The cab driver was flown to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne and was expected to survive.

Read more at Florida Today

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good thing he had a hard head and a glock !


Eat that Al Sharpton!

Roy Rutledge

Glock 1,thug 0


UN better get right on that one also. They are now ‘feeling their oats’ as my grandfather said about the frisky horses. With ‘The Executive Order In Chief’ silently paying No attention, they are now demanding ‘retribution’ for Travon Martin, why not the dead cab robber/killer? After all, he is also of their Ilk.. Their Peer group. I would also assume by his arrest record, he never voted Republican.

John Coleman

I’m just curious, specifically what “ilk or peer group” are you referring? Apparently, you also don’t think people who vote republican are capable of crime. I can assure you they are indeed. Criminals come in all flavors and from every segment of society. There may be a disproportionate number from certain groups but don’t ever mistakenly think any segment of society is “crime free” merely because of how they vote. In fact, out politicians from BOTH sides are some of the biggest criminals we’ve got in this country!


“I’m just curious, specifically what “ilk or peer group” are you referring? ”

Perhaps the peer group referred to is composed of people that do not believe in the Second Amendment as the right to keep and bear arms, people that place politics above rights, people that feel a criminal is just a person living by other means, that people that kill a young criminal are wrong minded, that being a minority somehow confers a certain measure of immunity or lack of culpability when this young person commits a crime against humanity.

No race or ethnicity has exclusivity in this way of thinking, however, you see this among Liberal Democrats mostly, those people that want to change society to suit the needs of young criminals instead of changing the young criminals to suit society, people need to be accountable for their actions, or they will change one way or another, either a Police Officer bullet will change them, or they will attack a law abiding member of society and change by attaining room temperature and acquire a new home with a permanent lease……

David Stone

“they will attack a law abiding member of society and change by attaining room temperature and acquire a new home with a permanent lease……”
180 gr jhp is a real mood changer, send them to the grave with 500 ft/lbs of force

John Coleman

Yes “perhaps” that is what he meant. Right.


Cock Glock, knockoff bad guy block. Pretty simple and good for him!


I hope the perp wasn’t wearing a hoodie.


Glock – 1 Small Caliber handgun – 0 In NYC and Boston the most likely to be murdered on the job (cabdrivers) are patently denied the right to carry. Knowing we can’t shoot back emboldens them. Thugs don’t refrain from using the gun just because the driver is unarmed. The hope is that by appealing to the kinder-gentler side of the thug he’ll see that shooting the only witness (because he’s unarmed) isn’t necessary. WRONG!!!
Murders of cab drivers, where they can carry, are unheard of. N.O. for instance. 13 years since the previous driver was killed. The last one is suspiciously convenient for certain folks that the driver was blowing the whistle on. God rest Billy Kerners’ soul.

John Doe

Funny may 1 I shot a Intruder in the ass with a glock after he slammed me braking 3 ribs in my bedroom at 2;am. Poor aim due to Catarack surgury 8 hours earlier

John Doe

I forgot to mention the intruder had My Springfield XD40 that I kept loaded and Chambered as home protection guess he didnt think I had my back up EDC under my pillow. My intruder Was wearing a Grey hoodie & is currently in custody for first degree berglery, theft of a firearm and unlawfull use of a firearm while on parloe for an other bergerly. I hope Richard Bates learns from his mistake & gets straight

Scooter McGee

Funny, this comes out of the state where the Tampa city-council calls on the Govenor to ban CCW’s for the G.O.P. Convention?!?
God forbid you be “armed” in Florida with anything more then an opinion and a yard sign! HAIL THE REPUBLIC and God help those who get in the way!

Pete Phillips

Ilk Small moose type critter No visible means of support such as a job . eats whatever can be obtained free .. #1 main purpose in life reproduce #2 do not get caught . #3 eat # 4 repeated as often as possible .


good i wonder if they will show a picture of the robber when he was 10 or 12 yrs old saying he was a good boy never did anything wrong or it they will say it was racial or some wonderful excuse