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Thread: Deputy shoots teen wielding pellet gun.

  1. I wonder if they tried non lethal first. A couple of canisters of tear gas in the bathroom and I am sure he would have had to leave.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NCIC105 View Post
    Kid paid for his stupidity.

    When someone points a weapon at you, you do not have time to study it to see if it is real!
    This is very true. Officers do not know if its fake, the orange tip would give it away but that can easily be painted over.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheMrMorris View Post
    This is very true. Officers do not know if its fake, the orange tip would give it away but that can easily be painted over.
    And you could easily paint an orange tip on a real gun, if you point a weapon or anything that looks like it at a cop (or anyone else for that matter!) you'd best be prepared to be shot at.

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    The sad thing is that the LEO will have to deal with this. I wouldnt want to be in his shoes. Legit shoot (sounds likely) or not, he is going to go through hell for it.

  6. way too many cops are trigger happy, chicken*** punks. like the 4 who fired 41 shots at a guy, 15 ft or less away, that had nothing but a wallet,.outnumber him 4 to 1, body armor, etc, and still scared spitless. If you are SO scared of the guy. why did you chase him, eh? It IS just a job, after all, and felons escape pursuit EVERY day, someplace. So what's one more, hmm? We had a case near me, 30 odd years ago. supposedly, 2 cops were responding to an alarm, at night, of a commerical property. big deal, no lives at stake here. one goes in the front, seaching, like an idiot, with a shotgun, and the other waits out back, SUPPOSEDLY, he hears the 12 ga inside, and a figure jumps thru the window, coming out, wiht something in his hands. so the cop kills him. His partner (again, supposedly) "fell'", ie, idiot again, finger on trigger, safety off, without a doubt, and fired a shot. The minority 17 year old had a crowbar. NO threat to the cop at all. Shot him in the back, too, fleeing down the alley. The punk cop had the NERVE to be upset when people objected to him shooting some pissant thief kid in the back, with no reason. If a civilian had done anything of the kind in that state, he'd have gotten at least 30 years and had to serve at least 20 of it.

  7. In the last scenario I agree, cop shouldn't have shot the fleeing criminal. But in the ops case, I think the cop was justified. Orange tip or not, if I do not previously KNOW the gun is fake I will take it as a threat. Cops come across bad guys all the time and need to use their best judgement. May not always be right but who's to say in the heat of the moment you wouldn't have made the same decision.

    The problem isn't the cop, its that guns are too taboo now and people aren't educating their children on the proper use of firearms. Had this kid been taught, he would have known pointing a gun, pellet or bullet, would be taken as a threat and he would be at risk of being shot. Even my 6 year old knows to not point his nerf gun at people.

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    Yuppor what do you do for a living that is hardcore enough to call cops chickens••t?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Yuppor what do you do for a living that is hardcore enough to call cops chickens••t?
    You are a great example of why people are losing respect for police officers. I have only read two of your posts, this one and the one where you seem to think it is ok to kill a grandpa that didn't break any laws and I can tell you are the type of cop people hate.

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    Time to add FireMarshall Bill to the block list.

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    Not a cop genius. Just a fella trying to use a little common sense instead of jumping on bandwagons. Tool

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