Deputy shoots teen wielding pellet gun.
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Thread: Deputy shoots teen wielding pellet gun.

  1. Deputy shoots teen wielding pellet gun.


    A sheriff's deputy shot a 15-year-old he believed was armed with a 9 mm handgun at a Florida middle school Friday only to learn later that the weapon was a modified pellet gun, the Seminole County sheriff said.

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    Do a search on Google for "Airsoft Blog Spot". A couple of years back a guy robbed a Bank in Avilla, IN with what I remembered correctly to be a cheap spring-powered Beretta M9.

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    Kid paid for his stupidity.

    When someone points a weapon at you, you do not have time to study it to see if it is real!
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    From the linked story the shooting sounds entirely justified.

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    A gun is a gun. LE can't take the time t figure out if the guns a pellet/BB gun or a 5.7X28, .22, etc. Unfortunately the 15yo paid the price for his stupidity and the LE was certainly justified.
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    Sorry to say, the kid got what was coming to him. The LEO saw a gun, and responded per his training. Some of those pellet guns are very realistic in appearence. And the kid had it at a school, another bad choice on his part.

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    wow how sad a life lost that could have been prevented
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
    wow how sad a life lost that could have been prevented
    Only by the idiot kid himsellf.

    A little chlorine in the gene pool may make other kids a bit smarter. Maybe not, so a little more chlorine may be needed.


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    Sounds like suicide-by-cop to me, which is sadly way too common.
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