need help with Benjamin air pistol
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Thread: need help with Benjamin air pistol

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    need help with Benjamin air pistol

    while digging through the basement, I found an old Benjamin pump type air pistol.

    It pumps, but does not hold air.

    I know nuthing about air pistols... what should I be looking for?? As far as I can tell, it is a 130 model. Crossman bought Benjamin, I looked at the Crossman web site, found a crude schematic... but Crossman no longer supplies parts.

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    Possibly a bad seal or O ring. Once broken down, the problem can be better diagnosed. Some auto parts stores or hardware stores will have parts that will fit. I repaired an old Crossman pump air pistol with O rings that were manufactured to replace O rings in bathroom faucets.
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    Glock Fan is right on with his suggestion. Over time the seals get dried out, turn brittle and then will allow air to escape past the piston/reservoir. Google and see if you can't find a repair kit for you gun.... Benjamin Replacement Parts - Replacement Parts

  5. I know you have a pump pistol but ,
    a TIP FOR AIR GUNNERS..........this is why a drop of the PROPER OIL on the tip of CO2 is required

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