reasons for carrying concealed?
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Thread: reasons for carrying concealed?

  1. reasons for carrying concealed?

    I'm new to AL...I've had my concealed carry permit in 2 other states where I've lived (VA and GA). I am applying for my permit, and it specifically asks the reasons for wanting to carry a concealed handgun. My main reason is for self defense. What is a more appropriate way to word it, instead of just putting self-defense? I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

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    At the top of site page go to COMMUNITY>FORUMS>DEADLY FORCE & THE LAW. Click on If a LEO asks why you carry? There's about 600 answers to that question. Please feel free to use any one. I personally like "When seconds count, Police are just minutes away".

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  4. Try 'personal protection'.

    Our county's application used to have the same question. That's what the nice deputy told me to write in the blank when I asked him about it.

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    Personal protection

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    Any lawful purpose.

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    The quickest and easiest answer is supplied in the law itself. According to AL law, 13A-11-73, you need a license to carry a pistol in your vehicle. Just add that you wish to carry in your vehicle.

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