Question about AL permit for TN
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Thread: Question about AL permit for TN

  1. Question about AL permit for TN

    It appears from reading the AL State site here: Alabama Attorney General - Issues

    I can only cc in TN with an AL permit if I work more than 30 hours per week in TN.

    Or is the limitation the other way around - if I work in TN, I can only carry for 6 months, then I have to apply for a TN permit.

    Which interpretation is correct? I'm an engineer, not a lawyer, so speak slowly....

  3. If you're employed for more than 30 hours a week in TN, you can carry on your AL permit for six months. After that you're required to obtain a TN permit. Due to TN law, it's not apparently likely that you'll be able to obtain a TN permit as an AL resident.

    If you're not employed in TN, you're free to carry as much as you like in TN on your AL permit.

    The clarification page makes it fairly clear. Note Regarding Tennessee Gun Law

  4. Ok, good.

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