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Thread: New To CCW in Alabama

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I am truly grateful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weagle83 View Post
    Defender829 nailed the best advice on permits. Know the AL laws but read the back of your permit because your county Sheriff can add most any restriction he wants to for your area.
    Alabama needs a more uniform law WRT concealed carry permits.

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    To Laithe:

    Troll alert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaBoy View Post
    To Laithe:

    Troll alert.
    Thanks for letting everyone know that you are a troll.

  6. Laithe, I sent you a PM. good luck.

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    In Alabama it is pretty easy to ccw but like everybody has said know Ur laws I live in chilton co. so my laws in this county may be a little different so also be aware of that fact if you plan to travel outside of your county .. as far as the weapon selection is concerned I personally carry a .38 +p it is small enough to carry comfortably in the waist band and is extremely reliable but the choice is all up to you , just make sure you practice , most incidents occur with in 20 feet so that's a good distance to start

  8. Welcome. Congrads on ur CCW. And Happy Bday. This is how I rank my "rules for Carry" again its only how I go, take for a gain of salt.
    Using your head is #1.
    Safety is #2 (if u use ur head safety is natural hence that order)
    Knowing your State and Local Laws is #3
    The 3 P's - practice, persistent, perficient is #4(range time, outfit choice and so on)
    Know your physical and mental limits #5(this comes by rule 4)
    Situational awareness and surroundings is #6
    When all else falls, refer to rule #1
    ...any questions. Haha

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