New Photo Pistol License Card
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Thread: New Photo Pistol License Card

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    New Photo Pistol License Card

    Just got my renewal on my carry license and it was a photo ID card. It has always been a hand written piece of paper in years past with the county Sheriff's rules listed on the back. The new card does not have those rules listed on it. Anyone else noticed a change with your renewal or is it just my county that has been behind the times?

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    What county are you in?

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    Government issued photo ID, should make TSA happy, right? :)
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    @ Kali: I'm in Pike Co. The little paper protective sleeve they gave you to put the old paper permits in was printed with " Pistol "Totin" License Envelope". Maybe they were just using "throw backs" from the old days but it's been that way for 30 years. I like the new plastic...easier to keep up with in your wallet.

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    Washington Co. has has done the picture thing on plastic at least 3 or 4 years. You walk in, they do the legal stuff, you pay 20 bucks and walk out with the card with your picture on it. Takes about 10-15 minutes.

    The only restriction listed on the back is "VOID IF UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS." I don't believe the sheriff has added any restrictions.
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    In Morgan county I have had nothing but the plastic/photo ID. I remember my dad having a paper one in Limestone county years ago that they Sheriff personally signed, but I believe Limestone is using plastic now too. My Morgan Co. one doesn't have any restrictions on the back. We got a new Sheriff this year, but the only thing that changed was the signature.

  8. I got mine plasticized at the Office Depot. They would do it when I picked it up, but my wife did it for me. We have to go all the way downtown Huntsville and deal with the crappy traffic and parking. Oh well, at least the renewal is a mail operation only.

  9. We get a pamphlet with our cards in Mobile County. The rules are pretty basic and common-sense; I think I have a copy of the pamphlet in my truck but it hasn't changed in a while. The back of our card refers you to the pamphlet.

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    In Houston County we get a paper permit. It has to be folded to even carry in a photo slot in my wallet. Wish we could get the plastic down here.

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    Cullman County is paper too. No picture. Name, address, and Sheriff's "signature" (actually just a stamp) on the front and "rules" on the back. It's really a single-sided piece of paper that is folded in half to make a front and back. Until we don't need a CCW license, I wish they'd go to a 4 year expiration and just add it as an extra on the driver's license. It would make things easier.

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