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  1. Tannehill Ironworks Historic State Park

    I know AL law permits CC in state parks, but I just arrived here at Tannehill today and the parks rules say no weapons allowed except by LEO and Park Rangers. Is this some special place or what is the deal.

    Mark Brown

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    Alabama Admin Code 220-5 for state parks in part reads

    8. Prohibited Devices (220-5-.08)
    (1) It shall be unlawful for any person other than a duly authorized law enforcement
    officer to possess or carry into any State Park any form of firearm without written
    permission of the manager or custodian in charge of the State Park visited;
    provided, however, nothing in this regulation prohibits the possession of
    handguns by lawfully licensed persons for personal protection, provided the
    handguns are not used for any unlawful purpose. No person shall possess,
    discharge or set off on or within a State park any firecrackers, torpedoes, rockets,
    cap pistols, or other fireworks.
    The resident people probably have not changed their posted regulations.

  4. Thanks, I knew it was ok to carry in state parks just curious about this in their rules at this site.

    Mark Brown

  5. I had to ask while I was there. I found out that Tannehill Ironworks doesn't actually fall under the State Parks. So they are governed by a Board of Directors. Therfore they make their own rules, mostly following state park rules but some are different. So if anyone is visiting a historical site check out before carring.

    Mark Brown

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