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Thread: New Alabama gun laws?

  1. Well good for them! And good riddance to the troll!

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    The bill takes effect on August 1st. Here is a copy of the final bill, enrolled as 151232-13.

    There's a good summary on it at Alabama Open Carry posted by Drake.

    I had objections to one aspect of earlier versions, and that summary says that my concerns were addressed before being passed. My main problem early on was that the bill seemed to eliminate the state preemption language from the old code. The last line-item in the above-linked summary says that it simply clarified it and made it stronger. So I have no problem with the bill, other than that the 2nd Amendment itself should be all we need. Since that is likely to never happen, it appears we have one of the better sets of laws controlling carry in the country now.

    The only thing I'm still a little concerned about is if the new law will cause increased costs. As far as I can tell, there are still no training requirements. Does anyone know otherwise about that? I live in Limestone County, and it's only $15 bucks a year now, and my renewal date comes after the law goes into affect. If that 5-year option is more than $75 bucks, I guess I'll pass on it (assuming it's optional like it sounds), but I hope the single year renewal doesn't go up too. Cheap is good when all we're talking about is what it costs to get permission to exercise our God-given rights.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by FTG-05 View Post
    Well good for them! And good riddance to the troll!
    And it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

    Although I would have loved to see his reaction when AL came in Top 10 on that list of most firearms friendly states.

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    Oddly, an issue of Personal & Home Defense from back in January contains the following line in the preface to its tables of various firearms:

    . . . with California, Alabama, New York, Delaware, Hawaii, and Washington DC being the most difficult states in which to obtain a CCW permit.

    You have to wonder where they got their information, since they (1) don't mention the two worst states, New Jersey and Maryland; (2) ignore the fact that many sheriffs in non-coastal California do issue permits; (3) include Delaware but omit the more restrictive states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island; (4) and confuse NY State with NY City. The inclusion of Alabama as a "difficult" state is of course ridiculous.

    (They did cover Illinois, but this was written before the state changed its laws.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aryfrosty View Post
    Does anyone know if the new law as passed and signed today includes the proviso that permits can be issued for five years? I know it was in the original version but can't determine if it was in the final version. I sure hope it did. I wouldn't mind being able to get a five year permit like I did in New England.
    I didn't know New England issued a 5-year permit. BTW, what state is New England?
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    I mailed my permit into Jefferson County for renewal about two months ago, but haven't got it back yet. I am getting the 5 year permit. I called them and they said they are undermanned and are about two months behind concerning the mailed in permit renewals. They said that I could come by and they will use my drivers license to look up the permit and renew it right then. Then they will dispose the renewal application when they come across it in the stack of mailed in renewals. I just thought I would pass this useful information on in case someone is experiencing the same thing.

  8. I got my five year back in aug.

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