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    Would Like Some Information

    Good afternoon my Fellow CCW Holders from Alaska;

    My Name is Jim I live in Western New York Area. It's been a life long dream of mine to go to Alaska for a Vacation. I was wondering if any of you could reccomend any Camping Area's for Myself and, Two Sons. I really dont want a place that is to Remote because of my sons. 1 is 18 and other is 15 so I, Would need someplace that my boys could have a good time as well.Also,Can I legally Carry Concealed? I do have my ( New York State CCW,My Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms & My Florida Concealed Weapons Permit) So I'm covered under Reciprocity Agreements with all 3 of my Permits. Are you Allowed in Alaska to open carry?And, if I read the Gun Laws Correctly My Oldest son (18) can also carry. He Does not have any Permits because, Most States mandate that you be 21 years old.I would like to come to Alaska during the Summer Months, To be able to take full advantage of the weather.I want to thank you in advance for any Information that I may receive from you all. I'm looking forward in coming to Alaska. I have'nt been this Excited in long time. I'm really looking forward to this. Even if someone could pick up some Camping Guide Paperwork for me I would pay for Material and, Shipping cost. I stand corrected on age for Carrying Its 21 I just found that Info Out Sorry
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