Gun Registration in Mohave County, Arizona
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Thread: Gun Registration in Mohave County, Arizona

  1. Gun Registration in Mohave County, Arizona

    I just found the web site. What a gun registration ? --- RRGlock23

    EXTRA EXTRA! Nazi gun registration in Mohave County AZ?
    Ron Walker's New County Policies include providing serial numbers at gun check in.... Is the County violating state and federal laws? to check the whole story and why Mohave County is doing this go to Gun Registration in Mohave County, Arizona

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    YouTube - Hitler would be proud of Mohave County, Arizona
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    Keep us posted on what and why this is happening.

  4. I think that one of the city of Mohave in AZ, the people who lived in Mohave and they must registered their firearms. This is alike as California, they required registered, too.
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    Post Mojave County In Violation of Arizona State Law

    I love Alex Jones and all he does for Constitutional awareness, but as is the case with a lot of the stuff he puts out, this is an exaggeration. There is a lot of information missing from the video, like location for one important thing, and who the people are coming in and out of the building for another. However, what Mojave County is doing in the video is also an outrage.

    The exaggeration: This seems to be an entry point to a courthouse or some other county government building, into which firearms (should be, but) are not allowed in almost any state. The county is not requiring all Mojave County citizens to bring in their weapons and register them as the title and/or description of the video indicates.

    The outrage(s)
    : Mojave County does NOT have a right to keep the information on file, in a list or any other form; that would constitute registration which is illegal for a county to do in AZ. A lockup for weapons at courthouse or any "public" building is required under AZ law (ARS 13-3102 & 13-3102.01) if they do not allow the weapon into the facility. The lockup is required to be accessible by the weapon carrier (not the agents) at the entrance and exit of the building. The law does now allow the county to check-in your weapon for you. In this case, the "agents", as the law reads, are allowed to do is tell you where the lockup for your weapon is located and to not let you in with it. Which segues into my next outrage, private security. The county is entrusting the (illegal) weapon check-in and recording of personal information to a private security firm, which is a bad idea, if not illegal.

    Mohave County is indeed in direct violation of more than one Arizona state law.

    Arizona Revised Statute 13-3108 fairly clearly defines what political subdivisions (counties, cities, etc) of the state are and are not allowed to do with regard to weapons. Here's a link to the Statute:

    I think every state should secede from Washington, DC, then we'll have them surrounded.

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