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    Was just down there last week (drove from Oregon, had a stop in CA, so didn't carry - too much of a hassle to try to carry through CA,) and saw someone open carrying in a restaurant in the middle of downtown Phoenix. Not a big deal at all. (I went to college in Northern Arizona where it was not an uncommon sight at all to see someone OCing.) Nobody at the restaurant (Lenny's Burger Shop - great place,) seemed to care.

    Drove through NV on the way back, on my normal route to/from AZ. Definitely prefer to not have to deal with CA if I can.

  3. The new law, allowing unrestricted concealed carry in AZ, was in response to a few activist judges who were trying to redefine concealed carry so that if your jacket fell over and concealed most of your holster, you were now carrying concealed and illegal without a permit. The public finally said (through our legislature), "phooey on the whole thing, let's just make it legal for anybody who has a legal weapon to carry it any way they want!" So far, no blood in the streets or any of the other dire predictions we always hear.
    Again, if you look like a tweaker, you probably don't want to be carrying openly; you would definitely get some attention from LEOs. But if you don't, you won't have any issues. On the other hand, if you look like a tweaker, you will get attention anyway, so it's not a matter of the weapon.

  4. I carried OC in Phoenix for several years. I never got a second glance from LEO. I got a few comments(less than 10 in about 4 years) from people. None of the comments were what I would consider negative. the closest I got to a negative comment was from an older gentleman who looked quite surprised at a gas station and said, "You would get locked up for having a gun like that in New York". I replied, "That is why I don't live in New York". He just smiled, finished pumping his gas, got in his car and drove off.

    One reason I got so few comments is because so few people even noticed I was carrying. I carried a Glock 19 AIWB. All that was visible was part of the frame. Most people are oblivious to their surroundings. I believe that most people never saw anything. Of those who did see something, it was just a small black rectangle so most probably assumed it was a cell phone. They never looked closer to notice what it really was.

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    I have never had any trouble when in Phoenix with open carry Heck a few times I've even open carried at sky harbor with no problem

  6. I've open carried all over town and never had a problem, maybe a few gawkers but no issues. No my main issue now is my employer is in central phoenix and is posted no-guns at the door, so I've got to leave it locked in the car, just not sure it's the safest place to leave something like that in a car. Course funny thing is the sign at work is the standard one that says 'persuant to A.R.S. section 4-229' which as far as I know ONLY applies to bars and restaurants with a liquor license. And I have seen customers OCing inside a few times without a word being said by anyone. Still wouldn't want to test it or my employer's patience, if I had a smaller piece I might CC without their knowledge but I'm packing a p226 IWB, pretty sure it's going to print at some point.

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    Just got back from Arizona, Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, no problem, only comment I got was from LEO, liked my colt 1911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArizonaNRAsupporter View Post
    I OC frequently. I also have a CCW for times when I don't want to OC. it's legal, and PD hasn't ever questioned me. I will say, that if being pulled over and you have one in the vehicle, common courtesy is to inform the officer, so that he/she is aware, that you have a CCW permit, or you're legally carrying a firearm and it's in the glove box, or whatever. I would rather them know up front (because I haven't broken any laws, nothing to hide), than to have them surpised by it later.

    Another thing you can do is, next time you spot a LEO, ask them! Police officers I talk to, don't mind if a person carries, and has obtained the firearm through the proper legal channels, and is safe with their firearms...

    Welcome to AZ by the way! (as far as I know, being an AZ citizen we've been allowed to open carry forever. the new law was to conceal...)
    This guy is totally right. Open carry has been legal in Arizona for as long as I can remember (which is a long time). Many people have the common misconception that open carry has something to do with the "new law" (Constitutional Carry). It doesn't. What the "new law" does is allow adults (over 21) legally present in Arizona to carry concealed without a permit except in those instances (like places serving alcohol) where a permit (CCW) is still required.

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