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Thread: AZ firing ranges other than Caswells.

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    Don't forget the new Shooters World that just opened in Peoria. They have range cards on sale from time to time for just $25.00. That's half off, and you wind up paying just $5.00 an hour for range time. Not bad to shoot in the Summer when it's 112 outside. There is no limit on the cards, and they never expire.

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    I'm not arguing your point about Caswell's, but my experience is very different. I've been a member at Caswell's for several years and haven't had a bad experience yet. Regarding Caswell's RSOs, I've always found them to be professional, helpful, and mindful of enforcing safe practices...which I much appreciate. And while I don't know all their RSOs, the ones who work on the days I shoot run a safe operation.
    +1. I have been a member for more than 3 years. I really enjoy this range.

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