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    in the great state of Arizona here it would be a very very dangerous job trying to collect are guns. Buddy of mine wanted an AR we went to 4 gun shops non had an AR

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    Me thinks I'm gonna get some heat for this one, but I think you'd be surprised at the number of gun owners that would willingly give up their firearms if push ever came to shove. I'm not inferring that you are one of those but too many gun owners simply own guns for the "fun" of it. To these people confiscation would an inconvenient loss of property that they would grumble about. To some the mear thought of confiscation has them digging holes in the back yard and buying tube safes. Some still, would be steeling themselves for the war that was about to begin, knowing full well that it is the Constitution at risk and not just the gun.

    But it won't come to that. Maybe they'll try something like a ban of new purchases of some fictitious assault weapon of some sort just to make the public get that false sense of safety. But what the public won't realize is that any legal actions will only affect the lawful citizen, it won't have an impact on the lawless that would perpetrate evil.
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