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Thread: Nevada no longer recognizing Arizona Permit

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    Of the states Nevada honors, only Rhode Island and South Carolina issue nonresident permits. However, Rhode Island requires a personal appearance (also for renewal, I think) and makes its permits difficult to get, even though the map shows it as "shall issue." South Carolina requires that you own land in the state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaBoy View Post
    Yeah, it looks as if money talks.
    Hit the nail right on the head...

    In early February, the association was notified by Las Vegas area firearms instructors that Arizona had changed its training requirements.

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    Front Sight (in Pahrump, NV) hosts frequent NV CCW classes, as well as Utah and some others. I don't know when I'll be getting back up there to work again, but it's relatively straight forward, with lots of help/advice in submitting completed paperwork to local office etc.
    While OC is lawful up in NV - except in Henderson and the ghetto of North Vegas - I think I'll just choose to not go to NV. But that's just me.
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    Right now you can find on-line classes that will give you everything you need to get an AZ CCW permit. Unfortunately the class is on line study and they vary from site to site. The most disturbing one I've seen has you watch a one hour video, take an 11 question test, then pay them $80 to receive a signed off form and finger print cards. No range time means you just gave someone a chance at a permit with no competency in a firearms use. This is why Nevada dropped us from their list of approved States. Not that they have any proof we have permit holders going on shooting rampages within their State. This needs to be addressed and we as permit holders need to pressure our Representatives to act.

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    Sorry about this one guys and gals. As it happens here in NV, the Sheriffs and Chiefs Association gets together and reviews states policies on CCW permits. Basically a bunch of pricks get together, who hold no accountability to we the people, and decide who's permits we allow.

    Wow, the word Sheriff doesnt look right tonight, but I know it is.....
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    Are these guys elected or appointed? Thats nice to know so we can move forward with trying to upset their success next time around.

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    Guess I will now gamble elsewhere at NV does not honor Texas permit. When American gun owners quit spending money with these states they might wake up.

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    A common misconception: Nevada recognized Arizona CCW after we changed our training requirement. The decision to stop recognizing it was strictly economic. In Nevada, CCWs are issued by the county sheriff's department. The county sheriffs 'council' makes decisions on CCWs, not the least of which is which out-of-state ones they'll honor. County sheriffs are elected officials, and it takes money to run a campaign. In many counties, a good chunk of that change comes from the local 'training cartel' - and if the local instructors are losing rivers of cash because the next state over - in this case, Arizona - will issue a non-resident CCW without 8 hours of mandated training. Not to oversimplify, but if Pete Pistolpacker tells his buddy Sheriff Clyde 'I'm not getting the training business I used to since you recognized the AZ CCW, guess I can't make that big contribution to your campaign fund this year' in County 'A', and the same thing happens in County 'C' and County 'J'... Let's just say that even a brain-damaged liberal can make the connection: The next time that 'council' sits down, it's a fair bet that 'someone' will mention the fact that 'recognizing the Arizona CCW may not have been such a good idea', and get a lot of agreement.

    As Casey Stengel used to say: "You can look it up" - Nevada recognized the AZ CCW after we changed our training requirement, and then dropped that recognition - with no change to the AZ training requirement.

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    So it's all about money. Can't say I'm surprised.

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    well there goes all my Vegas trips for a while :(
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