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    Moving to Arizona!

    As the title says, I am moving to Arizona. I accepted a position at a HUGE university in Tempe!! We are very excited! I'm curious since I'm moving from Nebraska to Arizona, what do I need to be aware of with respect to a few handguns, a hunting rifle, and an AK? Besides safe transport, any tips or advice? What needs to be registered? I want to make sure I'm all legal and keep the Sheriff off my rear end.

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    Great resources, thank you!

  5. Bring 'em! Don't register them, as the law does not require it. You can have a gun on campus so long as it's (1) out of sight and (2) in a locked vehicle or in a locked compartment in a vehicle and (3) unloaded. Unload it and hide it before you get on campus, and don't reload until you are off the campus. Peoples' cars do get broken in to so I strongly recommend a car safe. Choose one with a steel cable so you can attach it to your vehicle. My theory is that if it takes 20 minutes to saw through your cable, someone will catch them.

    Again, welcome!

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    Stop in Pheonix and say good job to the gang at Sturm Ruger Firearms.

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