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Thread: List of Arizona CCW Instructors

  1. My name is Ted Glenn and I'm an NRA certified instructor and training counselor. I'm located in Tucson and my website is at: Liberty Protection Accessories

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    Arizona Safe Carry LLC
    Concealed Weapons (CCW) Permit Course & Firearms Instruction
    Concealed Weapons (CCW) Permit Course Arizona

    Class Location:
    Usery Mountain Shooting Range
    Rio Salado Sportsmanís Club
    3960 N Usery Pass Road
    Mesa, AZ 85207
    7 miles north of Highway

    Frank Tucker
    (480) 993-7356*
    [email protected]
    *Please leave message if Iím not available to answer

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    I just went through Scottsdale Gun Club with a guy named Tim Forshey... good class and very knowledgeable guy
    rYnoweb tactical - phx-az

  5. Force Training Systems

    Barry Hammond
    18216 North 11th Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85027
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    Phoenix, Arizona
    Desert West Firearms Training, LLC
    2830 E. Brown Road
    Mesa, AZ 85213
    Phone 480-639-5835
    [email protected]

    Certified NRA Instructor
    Pistol and Personal Protection
    Range Safety Officer
    Arizona DPS CCW Instructor
    Arizona DPS Armed Guard Firearms Instructor
    Arizona DPS Unarmed Guard Instructor

    Arizona CCW Permit Course

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    Generations Firearm Training

    Jim Neff
    NRA Senior Training Counselor

    Generations Firearm
    P.O. Box 20815 Mesa AZ, 85277
    Generations Firearms :: Training that spans generations

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    CCW instructor near the cali border

    I am looking for a CCW instructor in Arizona that has a place near the California border.

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    *CCW Courses *Firearms Proficiency *Tactical Training *NRA Courses

    K-Force Vanguard ( is Arizona's fastest growing firearms training academy. Our instructors are active-duty police officers, detectives, and attorneys, along with U.S. military personnel (including special forces). In addition, our instructors are certified in a number of different areas: DPS, NRA, and AZ POST. Come train with those who live what is taught.

    We teach the following courses:

    Arizona Concealed Carry (CCW)
    I.M.P.A.C.T.T. (simulated firearms training and personal defense)
    Defensive Tactical Pistol
    Personal Protection Outside the Home
    Personal Protection Inside the Home
    Basic Pistol
    Basic Shotgun
    Basic Rifle
    Refuse To Be A Victim

    Phone: 480-347-8969
    Website: Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit (CCW AZ) - Firearms Training - Legal Aspects of the use of force - Security Guard - Firearms Safety | K-Force Vanguard
    Email: [email protected]


    Shane F. Krauser (Professor of Criminal & Constitutional Law; Attorney; DPS and NRA certified)
    Justin D. Henry (U.S. Army Calvary Scout/Platoon Sergeant; recipient of the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, etc.; DPS and NRA certified)
    Al Richard (Phoenix Police Detective; AZ Post certified instructor)
    Giovanny Minera (Phoenix Police Detective; AZ Post certified instructor)
    Jeff Chapman (Former Gilbert Police Officer; Current Farmington, NM Police Officer)
    Mike Arthur (Former U.S. Army Ranger; recipient of the Bronze Star; DPS and NRA certified)
    Steve Playford (Former U.S. Army - retired colonel; DPS and NRA certified)
    E. Paul Whetten (DPS and NRA certified)

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    Yuma CCW School

    I found a school in Yuma that was two hours away from my location. I completed the 8 hours class and received my AZ CCW about two weeks later.

    V.I. P. Firearms Training
    Yuma Az. 85367
    928-726-9593 or 928-580-9050

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    Cochise Shooters

    This is one in the Sierra Vista area .... I am registered for the next class .... will just give the link to save space ...


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