I was at Wesy Valley Uniform on Saturday, I found this little book (3" x 5", 272 pages and about a 1/4" thick) called "2009 POCKET GUIDE TO ARIZONA CRIMINAL LAWS". It consisted of select laws from Titles: 4, 13, 28 & 31.

If you are a gun owner it had about every law in it that you would need to know! I liked the book, so I bought one, it was easy to read and it also had what recently changed and when it was changed (dates). The index of the book was layed out nicely with ARS code #'s and what page to go too. Example; If you wanted to look up Justification you looked in the J section and everything related to justification was right there. Like Necessity defense, third person, ect. Keep in mind that the book does not have all the laws in it, but it does have the most common ones in it.

I spent $14.04 on this book at West Valley Uniforms, but you can get this online at Pocket Press–Making law books for street cops . Thier price is $8.49 each with $2.00 for shipping. Making it about $3.50 cheaper than what I paid for it locally. To be honest I am not complaining as I felt the book was worth it to me. I really liked how simple it was to use.

If you have ever use the standard ARS book it is not as simple as this book was to use. I have both, I will now refer to the little book and use the full-size ARS book should I need any further detailed info.

Try it, I beleive you will like it!