Father accidentally shoots 3-year-old son
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Thread: Father accidentally shoots 3-year-old son

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    Father accidentally shoots 3-year-old son

    A father accidentally shot his 3-year-old son Friday afternoon at a home near 24th Street and Broadway Road.

    The child was walking to the mailbox when his father's .22-caliber handgun fell out of his pocket and fired, Phoenix police said. The gun fired one round, which hit the child on the arm.

    The child was transported to the hospital, and the father is being interviewed by Phoenix police.

    Phoenix police have not yet determined whether they will be pressing charges.

    No further information was immediately available.

    by Heather Hoch
    Source: The Arizona Republic

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    I can't load the link!

    Anybody know if he was a permit holder? I mean, besides being an idiot.

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    Sounds fishy to me. What are the chances of the firearm falling out of his pocket, discharging, and just happens to be pointing at the kid. I'd say there is more to this story than what the guy is telling the police.
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  5. I doubt he was.....

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    Many unanswered questions. This will definitely be very bad for gun owners. This guy should face some serious consequences for his gross negligence.

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    Not a whole lotta pistols will 'fire' if merely dropped... altho depends on what it was. I've seen it happen. Yeah... the 'tale' stinks. All the more reason to OC inna holster.

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