Arizona students gearing up for guns on campus
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Thread: Arizona students gearing up for guns on campus

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    Arizona students gearing up for guns on campus

    Students at the University of Arizona sound off on the new law allowing concealed weapons permit holders to bring their gun to campus with them.

    The guns won't be headed to class, they must stay inside a locked vehicle or in a locked case on a motorcycle.

    Read More: Gearing up for guns on campus - KOLD News 13 live, local and late breaking-

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    Locked in the car won't help when the psycho like the one Virginia Tech had shows up ready to kill. That's too bad.
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    While the law does leave some things to be desired, at least now permit holders (which still doesn't do any good for those who choose to open carry) are protected on the ride to and from campus. While guns are not allowed in the classrooms, does anyone know if students living in the dorms are allowed to keep them in their dorm rooms?
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    The newscaster was incorrect. The Facebook group is not called You are correct that the group on Facebook is called: Students For Concealed Carry on Campus. The logo on this page says but that is not the name of the Facebook page. Confused yet?

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