With regards to the question in the List of Arkansas Gun Ranges thread asked by deacong.eoff, here's some information I found at Handgunlaw.us's website.

Overview of Arkansas CHL

Attorney General's Opinion Regarding Expungement

I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one in the Movies or on TV, but it appears to me that the law is somewhat gray in that area. From reading the opinion, it seems that it's pretty much up to the Arkansas State Police whether or not to issue a CHL to someone who's been found guilty of a felony, as well as to whether or not they will consider someone who's had their record expunged as eligible.

I would think that if you've had your record expunged and going by the letter of the law, tho, that you are technically no longer a "convicted felon" and that your full rights have been restored, as defined by the state's definition of expungement. See Page 3 of the AG Opinion I like to above for the definition.

So, my thinking is that if one has a felony record and has had her/his record expunged that s/he should contact the ASP prior to investing any money in the application process.