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    Possibly moving to AR

    Might be moving to AR in a few months from SC, North Little Rock area. AR has reciprocity with SC and it looks like I can just transfer my permit for 1/2 the price of a new one. It looks like AR is a OC State as well, is this correct and do you also need an additional license/permit?
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  3. Arkansas Concealed Carry Permit Information

    Open carry is not currently allowed. Lots of info for you in that link. Good luck on the move.

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    As wholehog92 said, Arkansas is not an OC state. There's been rumbling of trying to push legislation to make it law, tho.

    A good online resource for more firearms information - mostly handgun specific - is: http://www.handgunlaw.us/

    When/if you get to NLR, post here. There are likely enough of us who can send you places, or maybe even meet you and drive you a few places. There are two public indoor ranges and one public outdoor range w/in a fairly short drive.

    Curious to know, but what would be bringing you here? Job? School? Military?

    Hope your move is smooth, regardless.
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