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Thread: Informal vote on informing a resident before entering his/her dwelling?

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    Thanks for the compliments. I appreciate it. I tend to be something of a spelling nazi, tho don't usually post anything about it unless there are flagrant misspellings of words. I'd like to know when I do something wrong and don't mind too much when folks correct me. I also believe that it's important to get words spelled correctly so that the meaning of what you're trying to convey doesn't get lost in translation.

    As to shooting competitively... I don't compete in any of the various clubs. I don't think I'm good enough a shot to get to even the lowest level. Maybe one day.

    I chose the XD for a couple of reasons. The first was partly because I'm burned out on the hype about Glock's. The rhetoric has worn me down to the point I didn't want to even touch one for a couple of years. I eventually shot a friends when I was stationed in New Mexico and decided that they weren't half bad, but was still a bit put off by all the Uber Glock Fan Bois who are obnoxious about their love of Glocks - sorta like how I feel about Fan Bois of sports teams, or really much of anyhing when they get over-the-top ugly.

    Anyhow, I'd never heard much bad about Glocks, so gave them some consideration. I've since fired several other Glocks, all in 9mm, and kinda like them, tho was a bit surprised when I took a couple of troops shooting one time and had one start having issues w/"limp wristing" causing failures to feed. Never had the problem myself, but had heard of it before this event and finally saw it myself.

    The second was that I'd heard really good stuff about them. I've got two friends who had XD's, as well as my Dad has an XD-45 Compact in Bi-Tone. I'd not heard anything bad about them other than folks' opinions on them wherein they didn't like XD's for - usually - cosmetic reasons. Some folks feel they're too thick and don't conceal well, but I have the XD-40SC as my EDC and have had no issues w/it hiding well enough. As with all pistols, I'd argue it's about what you wear to hide the weapon, as well as how you dress for your frame.

    Finally, when I picked up the pistol that became Dean (yeah, my firearms have names), I just fell in love w/the feel of him in my hand. It's a better fit to my hand than a Glock or several other pistols that I've tried and/or fired. Once I got to take Dean to the range, I decided to pick up a second XD, tho this one is the Service (4" barrel, and his name is Sam).

    And there you go. Prolly more than you or most anyone else wanted to know. But you did ask. :)
    Arkansas Concealed Carry Instructor #12-751

  3. It's the law in AR. So, i may not like it but it's the law. Just like the speed limit, if you break it you will pay a penalty if something goes wrong.

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