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Thread: N. Little Rock Store Would Not Sell to a SC Rresident

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    I had hat happen tome. I was a sc. Beaufort resident visiting the claws in Ohio trying to buy the same rifle in a local gun store. They fed me the same line of shot so I went back home and got the mother in-law to go fill out the paperwork for me. But like u said if wally world sold wasr 10's we would be set no problem
    It's always a good idea to commit a felony and then discuss it publicly on a net forum using your actual name and location.

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    Unfortunately they are correct. SC law restricts the purchase of long guns by a SC resident to SC and border states (NC and GA) and also the sales of long guns to residents of those states. This is different than Federal law but is state law. A bill has been introduced in the state legislature to make the change so that SC will follow Federal guidelines. As someone said they possibly have shipped it to a SC FFL where you could buy it at the SC FFL. Reading the state law in one interpretation is that you cannot buy it in out of state (even on line) and have it shipped to you. It must be sold to a FFL in SC where you can buy it from that FFL.

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