New Mexico and Arkansas Reciprocity
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Thread: New Mexico and Arkansas Reciprocity

  1. New Mexico and Arkansas Reciprocity

    I see that effective 7/1/11 New Mexico and Arkansas have a signed agreement on concealed carry!

  3. Dang it! You beat me in posting that. ;)

    This is a big help to me since I travel frequently to NM, and have an Arkansas CCW. Since NM has long had open carry, I've still been able to go armed. But I prefer concealed most of the time.

  4. New Mexico Travel

    We go on vacation out west every year, and travel thru NM, I have been watching the map and it changed on 7/1/11. I inquired and found out for sure that way! We will be traveling thru Tx, NM,Co, Ks and Mo any tips for a new CC person, 1st long trip out?

  5. I can only speak for TX and NM as far as recent experience goes. All my contacts with law enforcement in those areas have been highly positive...even with open carry in NM. My last two trips to NM I've run into checkpoints run by the state police supposedly checking for insurance and registration. Still, no problems.

    NM has become my prime choice for vacations over the past few years. Just love it out there! Have fun.

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