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Thread: Tell a LEO you have a ccw

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    I haven't discussed this with the WSP yet, but I have put in calls to the city police of my town and of Spokane, WA along with my local county S.O. and they all said without hesitation "Yes, we prefer to be told upon initial contact that you are licensed and armed." Just my .02
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    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    Each state's laws are specific to that state. All arguments aside, ignorance of the law is still no excuse. If you have a philosophical score to settle, it is best not to begin with a LEO who has stopped you for a traffic violation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckcallinfool View Post

    This thread has caused much confusion based on our personal feelings about notifying an officer. In the future please make sure you are informed of the proper ARKANSAS laws before posting on the ARKANSAS Forum.

    I just searched through the forums on Arkansas CCA's website and have found the correct answer to the situation that was brought up at the beginning of this post. For all of those reading out there, Arkansas Concealed Carry Association works very closely with the Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas General Assembly on increasing the rights of CHL holders in the state.

    Just for clarification on the actual law. Here is a post from the Grant Exton, Executive Director of the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association.


    IF State A, B, C , and D says, WHILE CARRYING you MUST inform a LE , then by all means, OBEY THE LAW and Tell the LEO

    MY arguments is if states M, N, O and P says NOT REQUIRED TO INFORM, then DON'T, you are only encouraging future rights being more limited.

    A COP / LEO job is to enforce the LAW, not to instill his own agenda

    The argument of this story was (from post #1 )
    I have just talked with a good friend in Tenn. about carrying. He told me that a fellow he works with got stopped by a policeman and when he came back to speak with the driver the policeman jumped all over the driver for not informing him that he had a carry permit. Being on his way to work he did not have his gun with him because he can't have a gun on company property. I guess the law is you have to inform the police you have a carry permit even if you are not carrying. I was wandering if it is the same here in Arkansas
    And I'll make myself more clear, THE COP IS UNINFORMED, and was ignorant for getting heated as stated in the first post.

    In your other topic you posted a response and link to ARCCA Forum

    well you should have read the entire posts from the topic. here is some of the posts

    ARCCA Forum :: Arkansas Concealed Carry Association Discussions :: Re: Poll: How do the police feel about CHL in your area?
    Re: Poll: How do the police feel about CHL in your area?
    Posted by: George Cabaniss (IP Logged)
    Date: September 04, 2007 09:34AM

    I am a Police Sergeant and I have taught the legal section of the CHL training for a decade. I find most police officers are almost totally ignorant of the Concealed Carry Law. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Many are "gun folks" and understand that if you have a license, someone thinks you are safe to carry it. Some officers however ascribe to the anti-gun sentiment promulgated by the national media and much of the federal law enforcement bureaucracy that guns are inherently evil and person who own/carry guns are dangerous nuts. I believe better training is the answer to much of this. We spend hours in class annually being taught to respect the rights of others (racial profiling, sexual harassment, etc). I think respecting the gun rights of others should be just as important. It would also help if the state police would update their own website information. The copy of the law they provide is out of date and the instructions to law enforcement still refers to "open containers" which is no longer the law. Also, I think it is vitally important that instructors tell learners to advise law enforcement of their CHL whenever they are asked for id, BEFORE they reach for their wallets. You did the best thing you could do when faced with the uninformed but well intentioned officer.
    Sorry for my long diatribe.

    ARCCA Forum :: Arkansas Concealed Carry Association Discussions :: Re: Poll: How do the police feel about CHL in your area?

    Re: Poll: How do the police feel about CHL in your area?
    Posted by: Grant Exton (IP Logged)
    Date: September 07, 2007 02:57PM

    Act 664 was the legislation that addressed the requirement to present your CHL license any time ID was requested by law enforcement. Upon current review of Act 664, it is not in there.

    I was at the final legislative meeting reviewing this act before it was sent to committee, and I was at the committee hearing addressing and passing the was in there at that time. From the committee to the House and Senate and the final legislative administrator who drafted the final Act 664, it was left out...this is unfortunately

    It is my very strong suggestion that CHL instructors teach the law, but highly encourage the presentation of your CHL anytime ID is requested by any AR law enforcement. If an ASP officer pulls you over, he will be expecting this because it was supposed to have changed in the last legislative session. It will only make a licesees life much easier if he presents right up front, especially with the ASP.

    Grant Exton
    ARCCA, Executive Director

    ARCCA Forum :: Arkansas Concealed Carry Association Discussions :: Re: Poll: How do the police feel about CHL in your area?
    Re: Poll: How do the police feel about CHL in your area?
    Posted by: Grant Exton (IP Logged)
    Date: September 10, 2007 09:34AM

    One of the most important aspects of this forum is to ensure the information conveyed is accurate to the greatest extent possible....without that the site loses it's legitimacy.

    Concerning the posting by budreaux39 regarding the ASP's intended scraping of the provision to show your CHL license, that information was wrong.

    Lisa Sanders is in the licensing section and was not involved in the representation of the ASP to the legislature. That position was reserved for Col. Dozier and staff. It was the intent of the ASP to include this provision, as well as the intent of the representatives who proposed the bill. It was not included due to oversight. I was at the hearings, I was at the vote, and I spoke with the leaership when we found out it was not included this past week.

    Now whether you agree with the provision or not is of legitimate debate, as was put forth by budreaux39. I personally disagree with his concern, but that's what this Forum is about.

    Grant Exton
    ARCCA, Executive Director
    Now to quote the LAW

    Linked DIRECTLY from the Arkansas STATES LEGISLATIVE Site
    5-73-315. Possession of license — Identification of licensee.

    (a) Any licensee possessing a valid license issued pursuant to this subchapter may carry a concealed handgun.

    (b) The licensee shall:

    (1) Carry the license, together with valid identification, at any time when the licensee is carrying a concealed handgun; and

    (2) Display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer.

    History. Acts 1995, No. 411, 2; 1995, No. 419, 2; 2007, No. 827, 102.
    Notice is states WHEN he or she IS CARRYING ?

    And EVERY States laws I've read, and that requires you to inform the officer, SPECIFICALLY states WHILE CARRYING, NONE will be so stupid as to state you should carry your permit for weapons when NOT CARRYING, just like you don't have to carry your DRIVERS LICENSE if you are NOT DRIVING, of course one MAY WALK with a drivers license to be used FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSE, but a State ID will suffice, WHEN WALKING.

    I've yet to see a state require, in order to get a CC permit you MUST have a DRIVERS LICENSE.

    Hope that clears it up for you ............. ?

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    Fortunately, I live in a state in which I don't need to inform. I've had two LEO encounters and have never once volunteered the fact that I was carrying. On the other hand, if I were ordered out of the car and about to get searched, then I would volunteer it.

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    Post Tell a LEO you have a CCW

    I now live in Tennessee, I lived in Florida for 22 years until I moved here 2 years ago, and I always have my Driver's License and my Carry Permit together in my wallet, so if I'm stopped for any reason and asked to show my Driver's License, the LEO will also be able to see my Carry Permit at the same time. Then, I can take out my DL if asked and can also inform the LEO whether I'm carrying or not if asked. If I'm just carrying in the glove box and the LEO wants to see my vehicle registration, which is also kept there, I will tell them that I have a weapon in there as well. In some states that is the law, but in every case it is simply common sense. The last thing anyone should do is open a glove box with a weapon in it without telling the LEO about it first.

  7. Leavingmass,

    I agree, I read the rest of the posts and found the same info.

    However, I must make my decisions based on the two encounters I have had with LEO's while carrying. Whenever I have an encounter with an officer, I treat them with due respect. No matter if they are older or younger than I. I have had two encounters which went well for me. My wife was stopped at a road block on her way through a disaster area recently on the way to her parents. We don't know why they held up the vehicle in front of her and searched the person's car. However, when my wife pulled up to the officer and presented both DL and CHL and told the officer where she was heading, she was immediatly sent on her way.

    That said, I am done with this arguement, good luck with your next encounter.

    To all those ARKANSANS out there, I apologize if I led you astray. I encourage each of you to join the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association and support the men and women working with the ASP and Arkansas State Legislature to increase our rights in the great State of Arkansas. These are the people who can give you the correct info concerning your rights and responsibilities as a CHL holder, here in Arkansas.

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    As a general rule, you're better off letting them know. Be calm, polite, respectful and don't give them a reason to get angry.

    People seem to think that they can get sympathy from LEOs by explaining that they're an RO, a former LEO, their brother is a LEO, or explaining that they're not just some guy with a gun - they own many and are responsible range patrons, etc, ad nauseum. That type of "but aren't I an exception?" bit usually just annoys anyone who has to deal with people who are trying to act like they know something about what that person is doing.

    Once in a while you might run across the oddball cop who is a sadistic maniac or a fervent anti. Chances are, you'll have problems with them anyway. Don't endanger your chances with the majority of good cops by trying to accommodate the few bad ones.
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    Please, please listen to Ishi, Folks.

    It makes me feel good to know that there are still some patriots out there who understand what FREEDOM and LIBERTY mean. We should all listen ti Ishi. Understand that, while law enforcement is a noble cause, law enforcement officers are a wildly varied and imperfect lot.

    While most of us recognize that our second amendment rights are important elements of our defense against nebulous entities we call "bad guys", for me the most important reason for the existence of our second amendment is for protection against our government. EVERY government is corrupt. EVERY group of power wielders believe that they know better than the people what is good for the people. LEO's are agents for the government. They are answerable to the government, not to the people. Therefore, every scrap of freedom that we have is precious and should be fought for and preserved.

    The difference between our democracy, the communist "utopia" of the USSR and China, and the fascist state of the Nazi's "reich" are measurable in extremely small degrees. In fact, we are only ten degrees from the others, those ten degrees also known as the "Bill of Rights".

    I found a link to an informative youtube clip. While I found it interesting in its entirety, you could skip forward to about 8 minutes 20 seconds to see the way WE ALL should handle a traffic stop.

    YouTube - BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

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    I always inform any LEO I have LE contact with that I am carrying. That would include approaching an officer to make a report, a traffic stop, a knock on the door or being approached by an officer in anything other than an extremely casual, informal capacity (like a Hiya' at the Circle K coffee counter).

    IMO, it is common courtesy granted to a LEO.
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

  11. I have found (through personal experience) that your attitude has more to do with how you are treated by a LEO more than anything else.

    I got pulled over by a State Trooper late one night. I had just gotten off work and was headed home. When his blues went on, I just pulled over to the shoulder. He didn't even have to chase me down, lol! I turned on the interior lights, rolled the window down, and kept my hands where he could see them.

    He asked for my drivers license, etc. I passed all that over as well as my permit. The first thing he says is "I don't need that" and hands me back the permit. He runs my license and it comes back valid, as well as them telling him I had a permit to carry. He comes back and asks if I have a permit. I said yes and handed it to him again. He asked if I was carrying at that time. I said no and explained that I am not allowed to carry at work.

    And that was it as far as that part of the stop went.

    He had me on radar going 10 mph over the speed limit. I told him I would have to take his word for it because it was late and I was just trying to get home and had not been watching my speedometer. THAT was what made him kind of do a double take. I guess he was expecting me to deny it or something.

    He finally let me go with a written warning - no ticket (even though he had me dead to rights), and told me to keep a better eye on my speedometer from now on.

    If I had not shown him my permit the first time he came up to the car, or had shown an attitude, it might have gone a lot differently.
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