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  1. Anybody like watermelons?

    That's me way to the East of ya, over here in Cave City.
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    I'm in East West Memphis....across the MS on the TN side!
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  4. Northeast Arkansas checking in - Jonesboro.

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    Rogers, AR
    Yet another gun nut from the "Civilized" part of Arkansas. I'm in the Rogers/Bentonville area too. I've been looking for a good battle rifle to add to my tiny collection, but prices around here are suffering from Obamitis. :<
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  6. Springdale

    I live in Springdale. I have yet to visit the range at Hobbs State Park. I frequent Sturms indoor range or the range at Ozark's Sportsman's Supply in Tontitown. Both are nice ranges. There are regular IDPA, USPSA, ICORE, Silhouette and Action Rimfire events at them. The range in Tontitown has handgun and rifle ranges.

    Have a great day!


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    Even though I'm from North of the border from y'all, I put my marker in there anyhow... Just to say Hiya

  8. Howdy Ironhorse. You are still in God's country since you are south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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    I'm here in Maumelle. Only been to The Shooter's Gallery (indoor range in North Little Rock) and the Dr. James E. Moore Firing Range (outdoor and run by the AGFC). Can't put my location on the map, tho, as I'm on my phone and it doesn't like that site for some reason.

  10. Hey Guys Im new here this is 1st post im way south of ya just north of Texarkana out in the woods I have a short 30yard range just out side my gun cave

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    DrLewall! Well look who I found around on the internet! That's funny.

    Hey yall in Arkansas. I'm Ray. I live in Three Creeks, AR right now. I used to live in NWA (9 years) and Fort Smith (1 year) and now I'm down here & loving it. Our family came from this area so it is nice to be back where it all began.

    I just finished my conceal weapon class and am sending in the paperwork tomorrow. My wife got me the class and a glock 23 compensated for my birthday. Yea, she's the best.

    I look forward to seeing yall around. I'm sure I will have a bunch of noob questions.

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