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  1. Arkansas CCW Questions

    I'm considering moving to Arkansas. However, local gun laws are a concern for me. I'm from Arizona, which has been voted the gun-friendliest state in the Union.

    1. Is Arkansas a SHALL-ISSUE or a MAY-ISSUE state?
    2. What do the laws say about carrying into businesses which sell alcohol?
    3. Does Arkansas allow carry into government buildings - even at the town level?
    4. Are there restrictions on caliber or ammunition type or magazine capacity?
    5. Are there restrictions on carrying two guns at once?
    6. Is open-carry allowed?
    7. Is printing considered brandishing?
    8. Is there a stand-your-ground and/or castle doctrine?

    Are there other things I need to know?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Here's the obligatory "go check" post. lol

    Looks like it's "shall issue" but "must inform," and the no gun signs have the force of law... Coming from AZ, ouch.
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