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Thread: How long to get your CHL Permit?

  1. Got mine in 4 weeks, wife still waiting

    My wife and I took the class on March 25 this year. I flied our applications on line March 26 and mailed in all our paperwork the next day. I got my permit in 4 weeks . My wife is still waiting for hers .

    I have worked in aerospace defence in the past and had a security clearance to work on classified projects so the FBI probably still has a file on me including fingerprints. That may be the reason why I got mine so fast.

  3. I mailed my app. on May 23 and had my CCL on June 25.

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    Took me 90days to get mine back!

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    Mailed in my info November 22, got license in the mail December 8...must be a record!

  6. Just got up date on my chcl less then a month 1 day shy I should have my lic by next week

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    I... uh....

    Arkansas Concealed Carry Instructor #12-751

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