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    Save money on your utility bills, so you can buy more guns and ammo. That's good sound logic, I like it.
    I like this idea. Save money buy more guns.. Sounds good to me.

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    Nothing better than slow-cooked dutch oven chili with mexican cornbread. Just don't forget the antacid.
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    My wife's grandmother, who died in about 1985, taught me how to bake a peach cobbler. She did it in a kitchen oven, but I decided that I could do it in a Dutch oven. I've done it many times over open fires, including while putting on cooking demonstrations for Boy Scout leaders. The cast iron Dutch oven that I used, and still have, was given to me by my wife's Great Aunt. It is over 100 years old, has three legs and a handle. The top has a rim to hold coals on the top.

    Let fire burn down to a heavy bed of coals.

    Pour one large can of sliced peaches in HEAVY syrup into the Dutch oven.
    Pour a small can of crushed pineapple into the peaches and stir.
    Sprinkle about 1/2 cup of chopped pecans on top of the peach-pineapple mixture.
    Pour one box of Aunt Jemima's Yellow Cake Mix on top of the mixture. Do NOT stir.
    Sprinkle about three table spoons of sugar on top of the cake mix. Do NOT stir.
    Place top of Dutch oven on the oven.
    Place Dutch oven on bed of hot coals for about 15 minutes.
    Put hot coals on top of Dutch oven.
    After about 10 minutes, check top of cobbler. Periodically check for browning of crust.
    When top is browned, remove top of Dutch oven and pour off coals.

    The heat causes the peach syrup to bubble up and mix with the cake mix to form a crust.
    It is delicious.

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    I do alot of what are in these post. When i have a pot of something going in the dutch oven and need some biscuits.
    Just make up your dough grab some twigs around the camp site. Clean off the bark with your pocket knife. Then roll out the dough and wrap it in a spiral up the twig and lay over the pit. When brown they are done.

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    My past experience with the BSA has proven that a good quality cast iron dutch oven is invaluable for open fire cooking. I found the lipped (not domed) lid is the best. You can stack more than one and create a cooking tower.

    The tinfoil fish was a staple with our troop once the boys learned how easy it was. ;-)

    Almost any dutch oven recipe you can find on the net for in the house dutch ovens will work outside over an open fire.

    I found the key to open pit cooking is to control the heat, using embers/coals for the cooking heat source is the best. Loading coals under and on top of the dutch oven turns it from a cook pot to an oven.
    I've baked bread in the DO and made pizza.

    If you don't want to go with the DO (they ARE heavy to transport) a cardboard box and tinfoil make a darned good open bottom oven.

    A cedar plank soaked in water, fish flank filet with skin side down, (season per fish type this woks nicely with any white fish) sprinkled with garlic powder, light sea salt, some pepper, squeeze of lemon (or cover with thin slices of whole lemon), cover with a slice of onion slit into rings and sprinkle with dill. Add a drizzle of either EVOO or melted butter.

    Place a cooking grill on fire rocks (Preheated in the fire so moisture is already boiled out)place at the 4 corners of the grate. Scrape a couple of good hot coals under the grate, place plank and fish on grate and cover with foil lined box. (For some reason a beer case seems to be the right size!)

    Cook until meat is flaky. Serve/eat right off the plank.
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  7. I do a lot of Dutch Oven cooking. I do a shrimp and scallop scampi variation in it. I have also done pork loins over an open flame on a grate. Got a great smoke ring on them.

  8. Cast iron is the way to go. My son's troop has some aluminum and cast iron dutch ovens. The cast are controllable. From stews to deserts, it cranks out great meals reliably. The aluminum is all over the place. No heat control. They said they make them to be back packed. Way too heavy.

  9. we always open fire grill our steaks when we camp...i usually break up small sticks to supplement flame when needed

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