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Thread: Gas or Charcoal?

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    My grill has both. With an infrared burner on the side. Why not just have both?

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    I used only gas during the 90s, a big hulking grill I built from a 55 gal drum and a "tobacco burner". (I was living in E. NC when I built it, they use burners similar to fish fryers to heat the barns they cure the tobacco in) Did the Weber kettle for 10 or so years, until the one I had pretty much fell apart. I have one of these cool looking dual chamber cookers/smokers. I thought that it was an awesome idea until I got it, then realized that it was really too big for a fire in the small chamber and the meat in the other, except for actual low temperature smoking like sausage or bacon. The temperature doesn't get hot enough for shoulders/butts. Even with the fire at one end of the large chamber and the meat at the other, the fire has to be pretty large to keep it hot enough to not spoil the meat.

    Ended up being pretty disappointed in it.
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    Charcoal is better but gas is good too for the vegies or heating up some soup. I like to serve a bit of soup before a meal...I put a sprig of herbs with my coal burner while the meat is cooking and the hubby watches it...with a bottle of ice cold beer of course!
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    I am staying with charcol, nothing make food on the grill taste better.

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    Weber Gas Grill since 2007.

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    i have a fire pit and use wood
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    Nothing does it like charcoal :D

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    Get the Weber hybrid. Charcoal grill that has a small propane starter. No lighter fluid needed and coals are ready in about 15mins instead of a half hour. Quick with the benefit of charcoal flavor.

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    i never use lighter fluid charcoal starter just some paper or kindling and i'm good to go
    and a great bbq rub is john henrys bbq rub for sure
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    Charcoal. Weber kettle grille. I use best of the west real wood charcoal, and sometimes add smoking chips to it, depending on what I am cooking. Nothing better than cooking beer can chicken over charcoal.
    although I am looking at adding a gas grill, because it is easier to maintain a low temp for long periods, like for slow cooking ribs. Keeping my kettle at 225 degrees for 5-6 hours is tough, so I use the oven, and only put the ribs on the grill for the last hour.

    I don't use lighter fluid either. Use a chimney starter and you don't need lighter fluid. I have two of them

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