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Thread: Gas or Charcoal?

  1. Charcoal only!! It gives good heat and you can add your favorite wood chips or chunks for smoking!


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  3. Gas, only if no charcoal on hand.

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    Charcoal all the way...

  5. Pretty much same as everyone. Charcoal for taste. I have both and each has its place. My weber charcoal has a gas lighter on it makes it almost as fast as gas if you wait for the heat up on gas.

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    Charcoal, unless you are in a hurry...

  7. For me taste matters more than convenience. Hence, Charcoal For the Win.

  8. I burn sticks Gas or Charcoal? this is my setup at a recent BBQ competition I have 6 weber kettles too, gave my gasser away

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  9. Food is much tastier when cooked with charcoal.

  10. 6 weber kettles? Holy. I got a new charcoal Giantex recently

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