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    Quote Originally Posted by Caribou View Post
    Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish.
    Farmed fish are usually fed with food originating from China -- same food producers that gave us that poisoned dog food stuff several years ago. I lost a beautiful Rottie because of that. Look for 'Copper River' brand salmon at your supermarkets or fish stores if you're buying it. 'Copper River' is wild caught Alaskan salmon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cc2xist View Post
    Has nothing to do with firearms or concealed carry .... Wtf
    Uhhhh, its a bbq and cooking forum?
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  4. I just love BBQ food, especially the grilled salmon. My mother makes the best in the town. She has a special way of cooking which involves peppers, lemon juice and some sauces which makes it taste like heaven.

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    Grilled salmon with rice.!! Is very nice!..

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